About Us


There is a well known saying … `only the strongest survive`. We disagree; after all that didn’t work out so well for the dinosaurs!

We believe it is the smartest and quickest, the ones that change to the demands of the environment around them and evolve that thrive...this is nabooki!

We are the evolution of bookings and business management systems. We have evolved over the last three years and with support and feedback from Groupon’s thousands of merchants, nabooki has build smart technology that has booked over a million people for all types of services and leisure activities.

Now (late 2017) as we launch directly to small businesses, we feature the latest booking and business management technology system available. Created to help entrepreneurs like you to streamline your day, delight your customers and grow your business.

I love small business and my goal in life is to make small business more empowered by providing the tools they need to compete and to succeed in 2018 and beyond.

A key to all successful business, big or small is the people that have dedicated themselves to the team effort. I am very fortunate to have brilliant developers, outstanding designers and exceptional customer support staff that have all committed their skills and energy to make nabooki simple and powerful.

Also of critical importance to our organization and strategy is our first class team of advisors, that keep me focused, open doors in high places and shine a light towards a brilliant future. All three of my advisors have invested their own hard earned cash into the business, so this means as much to them as it does to me.  


Alistair Venn

A Goldman Sachs scholar at Insead Management School, 3 years with Rolls Royce, 3 years CEO Groupon ANZ and presently CEO of Menulog, Alistair’s experience of e-commerce, online marketplaces and global technology is second to none. Alistair is also a superb mentor and a man with great integrity and warmth.

Rafael De Vega

Rafael De Vega

After nearly three decades in Silicon Valley, Rafa rubs shoulders with ‘em all. 5 years as ‘Head of’ and VP with Visa Global and 3 years Head of Strategic Partnerships with Intuit, the world’s third largest SaaS company, gives nabooki the benefit of the very best advice from one of the most experienced in our field and with a brilliant strategic mind.

Chris Gregg

Co founder of his own start up, with a huge exit to a global player, I have never met a man as driven and inexhaustible as Chris. Sensibly moved on from politics and banking to the wonderful world of SaaS and now almost 5 years later there’s not much Chris doesn’t know about successful cloud based technology.

Richard Tenser

Richard Tenser

Then there’s myself. Richard Tenser, serial entrepreneur, small business crusader and probably Australia’s worst surfer. I’ve been round the block and back, often with skinned knees and blistered feet, but always flying past the winning post. Many successes along the way, but nabooki is the most exciting yet. I get such a buzz hearing how our customers are winning and growing using the nabooki booking and business management system.

We are all happily married family men with amazing tolerant wives and children that allow us to also be married to our work. We are a fully invested band of merry men, determined to make nabooki the ultimate booking and business management tool, ready to change the world, one small business at a time.