Technology is advancing: Why your business should too

by admin, July 7, 2016

Switching from the old to the new is always scary. That’s why Naked Bookings has got your back with our simple yet advanced booking system to help you make the move from the old paper-pen method to the sleek, new and fool proof way of online bookings!

Built in 2014 by an innovative (and awesome) team of tech specialists… meet Naked Bookings, your new Administration Officer! Watch your stress melt away when you let our automated booking system take care of the bulk of your work.

Why you should give it a go
Lets start this by asking whether you think new technology will be worth it. If you answered no, you must still use a messenger pigeon for your file sharing.


Now lets explore the answer ‘yes’ – the absolute efficiency and increased management makes our Booking System top notch. We take away the need for administrative staff, accountants, receptionists, and marketers. 90% of these roles can be replaced by our booking system, freeing up time and resources for your business.

Now the big question on everyone’s lips is ‘how much is this going to cost me?’ – well I can assure you right now; not even a dint in your pay check. A whole month of our system, on the average sized plan of $29 per month, is about as much per month as it would cost to hire an Admin Staff for 1 hour. Lets let that sink in for a second. One-month vs 1 hour of pay, and just as good (if not even better) work performed (no offense).

Allow Naked Bookings to manage your bookings, customers, staff, resources, locations, plus more – all while decreasing overheads and increasing efficiency. Use our technology to your advantage! And as a side note, if something awful happens, like a fire or robbery – nothing will be lost as everything is stored in the cloud (hey, we’re just looking at the silver lining).

Annie x