Attract more walk-in peeps

by admin, November 25, 2016

Ok so you know how I work for an online booking and business management company right? I guess it’s sort of in my contract to be promoting the whole (amazing) ordeal of making bookings online. Well, what I really want you guys to know is that we have your back even with the growing aspect of your business. Yeah, not just online bookings; we also help you with managing and growing your business too.

We all know that promoting your business online will get you a carp load more bookings than if you were just relying on walk-ins. But you still can’t rely purely on someone seeing your amazing website online and ignore the power of the passer-by. I would say it should be a 25/75 split. Would you want to let go of a quarter of your income each month? No? Didn’t think so.

So now we have established the power of the passer-by cannot and should not be ignored. You must therefore increase your exposure to the pop-ins by considering these few tried and tested methods:

Promote yo’self.

There’s this new concept called ‘Social proof’, which verifies that people subconsciously want to follow the trends; i.e. if everyone is doing something then you will want to do it too. Therefore, I cannot tell you this enough: USE SOCIAL MEDIA! There are awesome ways to get a following, even amazing location based services to attract people wandering around in the area.

Reviews and ratings are always very helpful too; just don’t promote the bad ones on your website (obviously).

You might even want to consider partnering up with another business (not your competition) and refer / promote each other to each other.

Also flyer and leaflet drops are old school but totally still effective, especially if they have a little magical discount on them. Just consider it.

Customer service.

Customer experience is huuuuuuuge. One bad experience and ERRRR ERRRRR, they won’t return. So training staff on excelling in dealing with your customers is a massive must. Also, if you remember your usuals and greet them with a smile (kudos if you remember their name); theres a high chance they will be back because you made them feel special and wanted. It’s what we all want in life.

Get your quirk on.

Make the exterior of your establishment memorable. No one’s going to walk past a boring old place and think ‘Oh em gee! I totally want to see what it’s like inside, I’m sure it isn’t as boring and crappy as it looks on the outside!’.


Customers judge you from the moment they lock eyes on your exterior. You need to look a little different, yet still inviting. We are talking walk-ins here! You absolutely have to be appealing on the exterior! I personally love seeing funny jokes on little pop up signs outside places; they are memorable and catch people’s (my) attention to inspire them to take a look inside.

Spruce it up.

Display windows are often overlooked in service providing businesses and even the windows in restaurants. A sweet-as window promotes curiosity and interest, especially if when they peek inside they see a bustling place. Or if it is a quiet time; busy staff at work. We are going back to social proofing now, aren’t we.

Ensure your interior is modern and clean (no dust or cobwebs anywhere). And spruce up your website (graphic designers are great at this). Then do a relaunch, and make a date out of it. Use social media and even a journalist or two (get them in with free champagne). Exposure darling!

So, all of you restaurants out there already know you can use our utterly fantastic table management software for walk-in customers, along with those popping in (or heavens forbid ringing you) to make a reservation for a bit later on. But service providers such as spas, salons, skydiving tours, barbers, music schools, driving training, swimming courses, Zumba classes – everything under the sun basically, you aren’t left out. We get it! Customer data retention is such a valuable tool for you, so even if you just have a walk-in dude pop in, you can still add all of their details in the CRM section of the software. Good stuff eh?

Annie :)