Become a better boss for 2017

by admin, December 28, 2016


We’re following the leader the leader the leader, we’re following the leader, wherever he may go!

 So New Year new you eh? Fantastic idea. Although it can take a while to become a naturally professional leader, but with the right guidance in place you really can succeed at being the best leader you can be. So live in the moment and aim high! And check out the advice below on how to become a better leader of your beautiful staff:

Communication communication communication.

A very respectable leader, whom I look up to, is often quoted saying this to his staff. Effective communication is and always will be a two way street. So if done, well, effectively, it can have huge leaps and bounds on achieving the desired outcome with your staff, the business and respect for you as a boss.


Professionally delegating tasks to the right people is a big part of being the leader, although one must remember that delegation doesn’t mean micromanaging! Letting your staff take ownership of their work after you have told them the desired outcome is absolutely a risk in itself, but have faith in them! Nine times out of ten you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Lead by example.

A confident, passionate and respectful attitude will get you places as a leader sure, but a truly great leader, one that will be not just loved but also respected, will be a flexible one as they know that both change and failing is a reality but they will own the situation when it arises like the #boss they are!


Starts with getting the right team believe it or not! Hire the right players for the right positions based on their skill set and personality, because you and your businesses’ success (no matter the size or shape) truly depend on the success of your teammates. And remember that is what they are, your teammates; to be respected, rewarded and included in the goal setting for the business.

Be decisive.

Be confident and take chances whilst still respecting both your boundaries and teammates is a big pointer, but if you can’t remember all of this, just be the leader you would want to be lead by.

Annie x