Online bookings are now available! Now what? (5 Tips To Get Your First Online Booking)

by Steve Milner, April 18, 2018


You’ve taken the plunge and digitized your inventory! So, now the next step is to make it worthwhile. To do this you need to get your existing customers online and make the most of your client base. You’ve added extra value to your business with an online booking tool that offers your customers the convenience to book 24/7. Now it’s time to convert them online.

These are our top 5 tips to convert your current customers online:

  1. Email list → The easiest way to create an email list is by collecting the customer contact emails you already have. From there, once you have a group of emails, you can add in all of your selected email address and release your email campaign. An email list makes it is easy to let everyone in your client
    database know they can book online at any time per their convenience. These links hold the steps to create an email list with Gmail, Outlook and Apple mail
  2. Email Signature → Use email signatures!! At the bottom of emails where the signature has a book now button. When you’re emailing with potential clients the signature will let them know that in future they can book directly via your website or facebook page. Creating a new email signature is simple,  linked are the simple steps for Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail.  Once you’ve selected to add a new signature you can customize until your heart’s content. Then hyperlink the signature with your website booking page URL. So that when people click on it will redirect to your booking page and they can book instantly.
  3. In Venue → When people come into your store make it clear that you have online bookings available. Whether that’s on brochures, on business cards or on a sign at the front desk. Make it visible!! Be proud that you’re ahead of the pack after all it’s something to brag about.
  4. Word of Mouth →  Tell your customers that you’re digitizing and why it’s great news for them. You never know if they love it as much as you do they might tell their friends too!!
  5. Phone bookings → When customers call to book via the phone let them know about your new online booking option and get them to start using it by you putting their details in as they call. This will allow them to be in the system and also to get email booking confirmations and other business updates. Not only will that help to get the word out but it could also save you time and benefit your customers. The flexibility for online booking may be more suited to them.

Now is the time to be online. If you are thinking about offering online bookings make the change, your customers will love the convenience to book whenever they want from wherever they are.