Business Automation – Your New Best Friend

by Steve Milner, May 3, 2019

It’s time to get started on automating your business. Your nabooki software is a new staff member who will transform the way you run your business. It will simplify your day-to-day tasks that are not fun all through business automation.

Below are just 6 of the ways that your business will be transformed.


Automating your invoicing means raising, viewing and sending them at a click of the button. If payment is made at the time of booking, an invoice is automatically generated and sent via email to your customer. This will dramatically reduce all of the time you currently spend looking at receipts and payments. Also, any payments made through the nabooki system update within the QuickBooks Online software automatically in real-time.


Booking Reminders

Your customers are busy people so it’s important to remind them or get them to confirm their bookings so you can reduce your no-shows and improve your bottom line. Not to mention that SMS has an open rate of 98%! Use SMS to help your customers who live busy lives.


Booking Management

It’s time to take control of your booking management! The nabooki system finds the available spots in your calendar and lets your customers make a booking in that time slot., allowing you to reduce the blank space in your calendar. As nabooki will direct consumers into the preferred available time that is free. You are also able to funnel promotional bookings into quite times to ensure you can maximise your revenue. We also have an intuitive Google Calendar integration that updates any changes or additions that happen in your calendar happen in real-time.


Google Forms

An added bonus for you to take advantage of is our Google Forms integration, it lets you create and add the link induction of forms to the appointment confirmation email. The link is added into the custom message section and allows you to get more details from customers anytime you need.



Make payments as simple as they can be! Let your customer pay in advance (either partial or full payment) to reduce no shows and simplify the appointment on the day.  Your customers can pay via cash, EFTPOS or use one of our payment gateways like PayPal. To make it even easier you can also send out a payment link to your customer which lets you take payment and settle a deposit before your service.


Self-serve Customers

Customers love being in control! So give them the option to amend there booking or reschedule as needed based on the parameters that you define.



Now is the time to automate your business! Check out our help centre if you need a hand and start implemeting your business automation.