Boost your business with online services

by Steve Milner, April 14, 2020


We know that the switch to going online may be new to a lot of us so we have compiled some tips to get you started.



Think about which of your services can be easily offered online. Establish if you would feel better connected via phone or with video connection. Get the information you need from patients before your virtual appointment by sending out a pre-consult form. Here are the steps to setting this up on your nabooki platform (LINK).


Choose your technology

Once you have ensured you have a strong internet connection get your phone/video provider set up. Here are our suggested call/video providers to facilitate your virtual appointments:

And here is a helpful article Zoom put together for getting the most out of their software during these times


Set up your home office

To ensure the best video call experience, it’s crucial that you have a private, well-lit room in your house that you use for calls and ask your customers to do the same. Make sure that the setting is professional, the background neat and you are in a comfortable chair and desk.  It’s also important that the area is quiet and you won’t be disturbed and you have a strong data network which is critical to the consultation.



It’s key to do a few practice calls with either friends or colleagues to ensure the set-up is suitable and you feel comfortable with how everything works. Remember we all start somewhere and you’re doing a great job and getting this set up for yourself!


Communicate – more than ever before

Let your community know you care and what you’re doing to put their health at the forefront (e.g. online classes, virtual workshops, Facetime consultations, etc.). Through nabooki you can export your customer email list and send off a mass email to let them know what you have planned. Here are some helpful tools to help you with mass emails:


Two final things we wanted to share!

  1. You are not alone. We have thousands of customers who are faced with the same issues you are. But see this as a great opportunity to diversify and team up with Australia’s leading companies who are investing in helping businesses reach customers in a new online way. 


  1. Health and wellness will be more important than ever before. Wellness businesses are a critical epicentre to many communities and provide outlets for consumers to better their mindset, physical and mental health, so we are optimistic about a rapid recovery once public health is no longer a top concern.