Review: Google’s Online Marketing Course – Build Your Web Presence

by Steve Milner, May 25, 2018


Onto topic 3 of the “Learn Online Marketing” course by Google, build your web presence.


Topic 3: Build Your Web Presence

This topic has 6 lessons within it, They all have a focus on creating and maintaining an online brand for your business.


Lesson 1: Choosing your online presence

This lesson took under 5 minutes to finish for both the video and the test. It covers all of the possible platforms you could have for your business: website, social media, reviews, app and local business listings. This lesson used a great analogy about online presence being a ‘digital storefront’. It was a good lesson that focuses on the basics of being online.

Lesson 2: How websites work

This lesson took 4 minutes and focused on the more technical side of websites. Particular, securing a domain name, how servers work, IP addresses and where to start. I really enjoyed this lesson as it clearly explained servers and domains and left me without queries.

Lesson 3: Key website ingredients

This lesson was too long. It could have been summarised easily but was dragged out. If you know anything at all about websites skip the video and go straight to the quiz. It was just slow and I was not engaged. The best part of this lesson was carrying through the store analogies with the homepage being the shop front.

Lesson 4: Websites and business goals

This lesson took 5 minutes but it didn’t feel long it went really quickly. I was engaged the entire time and took away plenty. Importantly, something that we tell our customers all the time – make sure your contact details are easy to find. Another great takeaway was to link your business goals with visitor needs.

Lesson 5: Make your website easy to use

One word for this lesson – basic. If you’ve used a website before you don’t need to watch this one. It was a bit slow and the conclusion that it found were quite obvious.

Lesson 6: Website do’s and don’ts

Loved this lesson! It took about 6 minutes but it was great. It reminded the viewer of the little things that will really help them get more traction on their website. Including loading speed and responsive design. Really interesting and definitely worth watching.

The Tests

The tests were more interesting in this lesson, they followed the story of one lady developing your own business. I liked to choose to do that because it kept me engaged. All of the tests from the lesson only took a couple of minutes and were easy to complete. The end of topic assessment was slightly longer and started to get a little more difficult. You have to recall things from lesson 1- 6.


There was not a highlight for this section. I didn’t find anything within the lesson tells that was interesting or important to highlight.


This lesson took 45 minutes to complete, the longest so far. It did have six components the most so far which explains the time.