“But I don’t need a booking system”

by admin, September 29, 2016

Yeah right. Lets explore that, shall we?

“I like talking to my customers”

Ok, fair point. Do the clients that you are dealing with at the time of the phone call, like it when you go to answer, and spend the next ten minutes chit chatting, just to make an appointment? No. I didn’t think so.

Do you also enjoy, every morning, spending the best part of half an hour listening to voicemail messages and putting every single booking into a calendar. Then you find two clients have asked for the same time, and you have to mentally prepare yourself for that awkward conversation with your least favourite client to reschedule, ending with them just saying ‘forget it’, and you crying over the lost $$$. Yeah, we feel your pain too – our system won’t let that ever happen to you again.

“But my calendar does the same thing as a booking system”

Wrong. Your calendar is not as smart. A booking software is called such a thing for a reason – it has been coded to not allow mistakes. No double booking, no missed opportunities, no lost data. All data in our booking system is stored in the cloud, therefore there is no chance of losing your data (unless the world wide web suddenly perishes but we doubt that would happen anytime soon).

“But some of my customers want to talk about the appointment before they book”

Well, let ’em ring you then! Just because they have the ability to book online, doesn’t mean they have to do it. It gives clients, especially the 9-5 workers who don’t have time during the day, the option to book anytime and anywhere (even under their desk in a meeting!), at a much faster rate than ringing up. And when they do book online, the booking data goes straight into your diary, so you only have to worry about providing the actual service.

Plus, both you/your staff and your customers get booking notifications – so no surprise guests anymore! And they get reminders in text or email form, so they don’t get annoyed having to answer a phone call in the middle of a busy day, just to be told what they (should) already know. These reminders have been proven to reduce no-shows by around 50%!

“What if my customers want to go to their regular staff member, not one that was randomly assigned”

Your client can (if you allow this in the settings) choose which staff they want to provide them the service. You can control so much more than you think with a booking system, just set up the way you want it to work and off you go! You can set the times in which to allow online bookings, can just use the diary function during busy times and not let anyone book online, take online payments, let clients see the price before they book (so there are no surprises or arguments at pay time) and more!

I think I win this time.

Annie x