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by admin, November 21, 2016

You want to get more clients? Well then, you really need stand out from Petra’s down the road, or whoever your competition is. What I’m trying to say is that you have to offer them an incentive to try your place out, instead of their usual hangout.

People are creatures of habit.

They will not break their habit unless either their favourite place burns down or they get bad treatment. But wait! ‘How do I burn her place down’ you ask? No need. You can do something even better than destroying Petra’s business; you can get them out of there by offering them something better. And free. Freebies and discounted treats always work. So send out some discount vouchers in emails and the post, and keep them in your bag to hand out to people you meet. A 10% discount is nada compared to what you wouldn’t earn if you didn’t hand it out. If that makes sense. It does to me, so I’ll continue. Also if you’re vego, avert your eyes from the next image.

So your aim is to get them to try your business, then you hook them! BOOM.

They now like your place better, and will continue to come to you if you are better than the competition. Petra gives out tea and coffee? You offer them champagne. She gives them little pots of nuts to snack on? You offer them a fruit basket from the Gardens of Babylon. Be the best.

You actually need to talk to people about your business.

Don’t just sit around and wish upon a shooting star that people will start visiting you instead of Petra.

Aim to talk to at least two (new) people each and every day about your business. They can be in the shopping line, at the petrol station, at the farmers market. Don’t feel silly being your own walking billboard, this is your business we are talking about here. You will be surprised at how many familiar faces you will see flock to your place after doing this.

A little tip: try hanging out where your ideal clients hang out. Stalk them for use of a better word. No not Petra’s place. Expos are a good place to start.

And, when they’re hooked, you can ask them to refer you to their friends.

Don’t just wait around for them to appear at your door. You don’t even have to do it in person, you can totally chicken out and send them an email or even a handwritten letter. And then get yourself a booking system, so you can take your bookings 24/7 securely, with immense speed and without having to lift a finger yourself.

What if they get off the hook?

Getting back in touch with lost clients is a must. Be clever and send them a 10% discount ‘just because’. And blog! Be a social media star and shine bright. You are sparkly! Reach out to generate leads and drive traffic to your business. You know, everything one aims for in life.

Annie x

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