Create A Class Pass Service To Find New Customers And Keep Them

by Steve Milner, August 1, 2017


If you operate a yoga, pilates or fitness studio, you should be offering your own version of a class pass to your customers. Attracting new customers and more importantly retaining customers in the fitness & lifestyle industry can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to have your very own version!

Offering a discount for a long term commitment is hardly a new idea, so we decided to modernise it with an automated booking system to put your customers in complete control of their bookings that will save you time and energy!

Class Pass Sessions Feature

Finding new customers

Creating a special offer or a discount is a great way to attract new customers. If you have particular days that have fewer customers than others, you could offer a discount on casual passes to entice newbies to try you out.

An even better option for those who offer passes for a defined period of time (such as school terms), is to run a promotion in the last few weeks of the term on the days you have availability. Ask everyone in your class to tell any friends who may be interested and all of a sudden you will have the very best sales people doing the heavy lifting for you. If your new attendees have a great time, focus on converting them into a class pass participant for the next term.

The best part about offering a discount at these times is the fact it doesn’t cost you a thing. Tour companies now offer discounts on their “distressed inventory” because the tour still goes on even if there are empty seats, so you’re better to make some money rather than none!

From found to converted

If you’re going to become a sales & marketing machine, you might as well use the correct lingo.

Converting someone into a customer is one of the most fundamental elements of running a profitable business. If you are advertising your business you need to have metrics in place to track how many people you convert and how much it costs, or in other words, what is your Return On Investment?

Investment doesn’t always have to be a cost either, your time should be considered the most valuable resource in the world!

There is one tool that you should already be using today and that’s Google Analytics.

Using Google Analytics to track your website visitors is free to use and you can gather a wealth of information about how people use your website, where they come from, what they are interested and viewing and much much more. If you accept online bookings through your website, divide the number of bookings received by the number of visitors to your website (or even better, your bookings page) to find your conversion rate.

How to retain your new found customers

You guessed it, lock them in!

There are a number of ways to go about this but a pass for the long term should be your primary focus. Your business should be able to survive if this is the only service you provide, so make sure you price it accordingly. Work your way backwards and set your pricing accordingly.

Entire term (10 weeks) = $10 per session
5 class pass = $15 per session
Casual pass = $20
Discounted pass = ???

Bulk buy and book as needed

Here at Naked Bookings, we developed our multiple sessions feature to allow small businesses to have access to enterprise features at an affordable cost.

Enticing customers to buy in bulk in order to save money is a tried and true sales method that anyone should be able to adopt. We wanted to ensure there was a convenient way for your customers to save money and book in their sessions at any time of day or night.

Here are a few great ways this feature can be used:

  • Sell a variety of multiple-visit passes, ranging from 2 to 30 visits
  • Sell an unlimited number of passes for a duration ranging from days to weeks to months
  • Sell off-peak passes at a reduced cost to boost class numbers
  • Provide a service that requires a follow-up treatment to be booked
  • Offer early bird discounts

The booking process

There is no need for an app for your customers to book future sessions

At the time of purchase, customers will be given the option to book one or more sessions. After making payment at the checkout, they will receive a confirmation email containing a unique link that allows them to amend, cancel or add a new session.

To save time, your customers can quickly book their next session by saving the link to the home screen of their mobile phone as a web page. It will look just like an app by adding an icon to their screen, but the best part is that in as little as three clicks they can book into their next session, no need to sign in!


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