Create a deep connection with your customers

by admin, December 2, 2016

I will be honest; I was a tad worried that this would be a boring post (no comment please). Connect with your customers? Pffft who wants to read about that. You obviously know how to, otherwise you wouldn’t still be a small business owner today. But then again, think back to the argument you had with your thirteen year old. whereby they are adamant that they are an adult, and that they know everything in life, but really they don’t due to an innocent mixture of a lack of experience and knowledge.

Sometimes you just gotta bite your tongue, sit back and learn.

Connection = communication.

A communication strategy is dull I know, but you gotta create your own voice and tone when communicating with clients, be it in person or online.

But I will walk you through your online dealings today (maybe if you’re lucky and I remember I will help you with your in-person communications tactics one day). Oh but I will give you this small snippet of what’s is (maybe) to come: pay attention to them (we have an average attention span of 20 seconds) and imagine they have a sign around their neck that reads ‘make me feel important’.

First things first, if you are going to take away anything from today’s lesson is that you need to make yourself humanised online. I know you are a human (duh) but personalising your business and making it less boring and professional is, in my opinion, the first step to success online.


And don’t just spend all of your time  promoting your business on your social media and blogs. Seriously! People do not want to look at that all day, everyday. The odd one per week is a nice reminder, but everyday? I don’t think so. Be wise, be quirky, solve their big issues in life. Just be interesting to follow.

Targeted ads are uber important.

Google and Facebook ads build an incredible awareness online, instead of plastering yourself on a bus or a bench. They create an incredible increase in online conversions by driving traffic that have the perfect demographics and interests for you to turn into loyal little customers, straight to your website where you (should) have the ability for them to book in with you there and keep them forever and ever.

There’s other important stuff like using EDMs (a sort of direct email marketing) to create leads, automated emails and texts (we can help here), a user friendly website (here too) and the proper use of (our) CRM for a personalised client relationship. But that would mean a 900 word post and a lot of promotion for Naked Bookings. And well, ain’t nobody got time to read all of that.

You’ve heard all of this before I reckon, but do you actually do it?

Didn’t think so.

Mic drop. Annie out.

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