Despise wasters of time?

by admin, November 29, 2016

No, despise is a strong word. Dislike them? I do. And small talk. I strongly dislike small talk. So how do you do it, when you have to for a living? I envy you guys in a way; I know I couldn’t do it all day. Plus to make small talk to those clients/customers that waste your time being late or chatting on their phone whilst you are trying your hardest to ask them an important question. Ugh.

Anyway enough waffle. Would you believe me if I told you that you actually promote time wasting? Yah.

Approximately 40% of business owners and staff’s time is spent on admin work.

Guess how much of that time is classified as ‘useless’?



(according to Business Insider Australia).

You know what the most popular time waster is at work? ‘Unnecessary phone usage’, with a colossal 50% of people doing it.

You know what? I don’t even think they’re talking about your staff shooting a sneaky text off during the day. No sir, I reckon what that figure represents is when the phone rings, you answer, and hear the fateful words “Can I please make a booking/reservation for XXXX?”.

I just got shivers down my spine.

My amazing advice to you?

Fire your receptionist/front of house person, or stop doing it yourself, and get an online booking and business management system, such as ours.

Harsh I know but I am just being honest.

Sure sure admin is hella important, and I know too well that your business will get nowhere without it. But you gotta Get Smart with it, by considering your A, B, C, D’s.

A = Automation.

An online booking and business management system should be the definition of ‘automation’ on google. Well, you get what I mean. A solid system will handle the majority of your administration necessities, leaving you to just focus on keeping an eye on it to make sure everything is smooth sailing, and Sally gets the right nail colour / Peter doesn’t get shellfish in his meal. A robot can’t do that for you.

B = Breathe.

Yep. You still gotta do some admin work, I regret to inform you as robots can only do so much. Instead of getting frustrated when someone is late, just breathe and use this time to do a bit of your admin. You can’t recycle wasted time, you can only regret it.

C = Communicate.

I admit I was going to make ‘crying’ the title of C. But that isn’t the most helpful advice I can give you. Instead of crying (I don’t judge), make sure you always are in communication with your customers / clients. Make a note of their favourite hair colour or allergy or weight or favourite kayak or scuba ability etc (hey, we cater for a lot of different merchants here) on the CRM section of the system.

D = Delegate.

Outsourcing tasks doesn’t mean you have failed. It means you’re smarter than most people that stress themselves out attempting to do something they have no interest/talent in. As I mentioned above to (rather harshly… sorry about that) fire your receptionist; you could always just hire a junior apprentice and have them be on the front desk when the phone rings, and still be learning whilst the booking system handles everything else. Best of all worlds.

The next biggest time waster is gossip, but I don’t want to go into detail why gossip is wrong and what you can do to stop it, because, well, that’s gossip too and I gotta get back to work now.

Annie :)

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