by admin, November 3, 2016


What did I tell you? Ha I like you – you’re fearless. I will therefore let you in on some secret information. It’s about time I got deep into why you totally should not use our sophisticated and renowned booking system and business management software, after the break.

…*3 minutes later*


Why? You thought it was the best thing since toasters were invented?

Well let’s delve a little deeper.

It works 24/7.

I mean, can you imagine all of those extra customers you will get from being able to take bookings all night? All that extra profit? Stats show that 39% of online bookings are made outside regular hours, pffft that’s nothing isn’t it? Plus, a whole 1 in 3 customers will actually leave a voicemail message if you don’t pick up the phone – that’s only two out of three lost.

Don’t get me started on your staff.

A booking system will only reduce staff costs by 25% – you can afford to keep paying that extra for the next thirty years times by however many staff you employ. And plus, I bet your staff love sitting on their bottoms all day answering the phone when they could be doing something much more important.

Because I would personally love being on the phone for a good ten minutes going back and forth with a customer trying to figure out when they want to book in, and then finally having to ask the important questions in order to just make one single little booking.

Sure, the system can totally do that for you, and ask heaps of questions to the customer if you want it to, but I’m sure you love wasting your time chatting to them. And cancellations? Why waste your $10 per week (I know right, so expensive) on something that will deal with changes and cancellations for you? I would personally much prefer talking on the phone for like ten minutes just for them to cancel. And I bet you love it when someone double books! Sucks that the software is all real time that your staff can see the same diary at the same time from different locations and on the go – totally useless.

You know what my ideal Friday night consists of?

Sitting down with a glass of red and popping all of my customer’s details that I’ve gathered during the week into a little spreadsheet, plus heaps of other paperwork. That is just what I live for. Another thing you don’t know about me. I love downloading things onto my computer – they take up precious space that I would probably waste on useless photos from a friend’s wedding or some christening. Well let me be the first to break it to you that our software needs no downloading at all. It is all web based. And stored in the cloud. What even is the cloud? No on knows. But apparently it is kind of good.

Anyway I think it’s clear that not having a sophisticated and renowned online booking software and business management system is a totally sure fired way to stay ahead of your competition.


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