Do you know where you are and what you’re doing?

by admin, December 31, 2016


During this strange yet glorious week in between Christmas day and New Year’s Eve, when no one is quite sure what day it is let alone what they should be doing with themselves. Most would agree that its best that you (especially) had your cr*p together for the sake of your loyal clients visiting you in this crazy period.

What does that mean?

Basically it means ditching the paper diary and getting with the program, so to speak.

That was a joke, you know, because a booking system is online on your computer, like computer programs.

Never mind – it’s wasted on most.

Anyway, you need to get an online booking system.

This way you can see all of your staff, resources, locations and sneaky muffin breaks on one computerized yet colourful page (on as many screens as you wish for those lucky ducks who received an iPad for Christmas). It also caters for a quick tidy time or a long lunch break before your next customer; just tell it how you like it and it will do the magic.

Guess what’s also going to come in handy with all of these clients not knowing their left from their right this week? (I’m referring to the copious amount of eggnog and mulled wine consumed over the past week). The automated booking notifications and reminders. Yep. Automated. You don’t have to do a single thing! Just sit back and wait for them to bumble through your door after they got reminded the day before to show up.

And if they happen to not show up, you’ve got a sweet Customer Resource Management system to make a note of recurring offenders.

During this strange yet hectic week, not many people have time to chill with a glass of wine and make some bookings on their laptop. Therefore by using a mobile optimised booking system, they can make bookings even whilst sat on the loo. No hassle.

Finally, one more thing you can’t do with your paper diary is combine bookings and secure pre-payments! So you can afford that New Years outfit in time, and go to the ball after all!

Ciao! Annie x

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