Don’t be afraid to start something new

by admin, May 4, 2017


Introducing new technology to your business is a scary thing, especially if it’s going to have as much of a massive impact on your business as a booking system would! We hear many customers ‘claim’ it will ‘absolutely, for sure’ (insert inverted comma hands) make it more complicated for their customers to book them, remove their spice of customer service and will require lots and lots of money, time and effort to set up.





Online bookings are the way of the future! It means a few clicks compared to a 10 minute phone call for your customers, it means you can add pictures and descriptions to the booking so that the spice is still alive (and there is no miscommunication) and it also, really, requires next to no money or time or effort to set up and use. It saves you money, time and effort from the minute you start using it.

You also get the control back in your business (you know, the reason you became your own boss), you get to increase your protection over your finances with booking cancellation fees, prepayments, and courtesy of naked bookings and our affiliations, you can also use our online marketplaces and voucher options on Groupon and Neto to increase your bookings in your downtime periods!


In case you didn’t know. We are an all-inclusive solution managing bookings, customers, diary, marketing and payments to help you run and grow your business, whatever the size. We want to remind you that everyone uses a phone, everyone uses facebook, so that means your customers are smart enough to book online. Start running your business the right way.


On a lighter note, I personally want to remind you of the importance of a proper morning routine, as it is uber important to have one, but one you can stick to without going (too) crazy.


For example:

Richard Branson apparently does both kitesurfing AND tennis BEFORE breakfast! WHAT! How does he have time or energy for this?


I personally like Arianna Huffington’s idea of ‘it’s time to sleep your way to the top”. Because I mean, come on, who has time to say aloud what they’re plan today is, who wants to drink a whole litre of water before their divine coffee, who wants to go for a run before breakfast? I can’t think of anything worse. You should do what you want to do within reason, so that you aren’t living your life as you feel you ‘should’ to be successful and say on your celebrity interview that you have an organic kale and beetroot juice every morning instead of good ole’ bacon and eggs.


Get real and focus on what makes YOU happy and what you CAN sanely do to be both successful and righteous without pretending to be something you just aren’t.

Annie, signing off xoxo