Drive foot traffic through the roof

by admin, March 2, 2017

Or just through the door…

Sure, online bookings and digital marketing can get you far, but not the whole way. That bit extra comes from your walk-in customers. And they aren’t to be overlooked…

More foot traffic means (obviously) more of those glorious opportunities to sell your service to customers, which then leads to higher revenues (i.e. more money for you).

There are heaps of things you can do to increase your foot traffic, things that go beyond the norm of just making sure Google knows where you are…


Where do they come from?

First things first, you need to identify the sort of people already in your area. See who comes and goes, who looks in the windows and decides to go in, who just walk in, where do they come from (car park or nearby shop)?


Curb – appeal.

This is known as the ‘make or break’ moment for foot traffic. A lot of successful businesses know this and invest a lot of time, money and effort in order to ensure the front of their store is looking as attractive as it can look. Make sure your window shows some nice products and posters to encourage sales, and that the staff always look like busy bees.


Spic and span.

Keep everything tidy and maintained (this includes paintwork). Be critical when you evaluate what needs to be invested in, and if you are allowed, paint your walls an outstanding colour.


Scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.

You know those customers that you spied on and found out they are coming from the shop two doors down? Well, talk to them! Get them to hold some brochures of yours in exchange for theirs and watch the customers flood in even more.


Brand ambassadors.

Consider hiring brand ambassadors on social media to increase social and store traffic is a huge tactic in this day and age.


Reduce clutter.

Keep your white space white. Just like with your website, too much going on is very overwhelming. Keep the seats spread out, and keep the products on shelves to a minimum to really catch people’s eye.


Throw a party.

One of the best ways to increase foot traffic is to host an event full of food, drinks, discounts, coupons and your pretty face.


Professionals on call.

Having experts in the vicinity that educate your customers while they are still having treatments. I was once waiting in a spa for a massage and one of the professionals there gave me a mini-lecture slash class on how to do my makeup! And guess what? I bought one of their products because I knew then how to get more out of what I bought.


Freebies all day, every day.

Get customers to come back! Complimentary treats will increase foot traffic in the long term. Offering freebies will bring potential customers in and current customers back for the cost of just a few bucks (that you would spend on a different, less beneficial, marketing tactic I would hope after all).


Roll out the red mat.

Special treatment works. Period. You know what else works? Flowers. Flowers have been proven to catch literally everyone’s eye (even men’s). Try popping some outside and in your shop.