Fancy schmancy newsletters

by admin, September 12, 2016

A regular electronic newsletter allows your clients to keep up to date with your business and the services you provide/want to provide to them.

Newsletters are a fabulous way to increase engagement and traffic to your site, and can even be used as a promotional tool to advertise a new service or option.

Keep the 80/20 balance (like with diet/exercise).

80% educational balanced with 20% promotional will keep your readers engaged and not nod off. Plus, by keeping the tone of your newsletters consistent, and more often than not, more casual rather than formal, you will keep those open rates nice and high, as they will feel more like you are talking directly to them.

Keep your ideal audiences in mind when writing.

Think what do they want to read? And write about that. Start with Who What Where When Why and the awkward non ‘w’ How. The footer should have a ‘subscribe’ and ‘unsubscribe’ option.

Always have an attention-grabbing subject line.

This is the first thing everyone sees, and is one of the primary deciding factors of opening and scroll rates.

Keep the content short, sweet and varied.

This ensures you get the finest message across, aim for 250-500 words for weekly updates, and a few pages for the monthly ones. Add images too, as no images equals boring content.

Don’t clutter with designs and fancy schmancy fonts.

Leave your white space white; it’s called that for a reason. Make sure you have just one CALL TO ACTION button, and have it easy to find on the page.

Don’t send a newsletter for the sake of it.

Your readers will smell fear and probably not open it, as it won’t sound interesting enough to them if it sounds forced from you.

Have an awesome mailing list.

Keep it in spick and span shape and constantly work on expanding it. The more people who see your newsletter, the more business you are bound to get. The best time to send your newsletter is between 8am-10am and then 3pm-4pm.

Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor are our favs but feel free to use any software under the sun – as they all do the same thing at the end of the day – monitor your open rates, scrolls, clicks, non-delivers, scam directs, traffic, interaction and engagement levels.


Annie x