Google’s Free Online Marketing Review – Topic 2: Your first steps to online success

by Steve Milner, May 18, 2018


We’re now onto topic 2 of the “Learn Online Marketing” course by google. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read the previous article ‘we tried googles free online marketing course (to see if you should too) ‘ and that will explain what the course is all about, the setup and the first lesson.

Topic 2: Your first steps to online success

This topic has four lessons in it. They all have a focus on digital platforms that can be used to promote your business.

Lesson 1: Your online goals   

This lesson took me about 6 minutes to complete and includes a video and test. The lesson dragged on in my opinion because it was still covering very basic content. It focuses on setting goals for the advertising world.

Lesson 2: Building your online presence

This one took me 5 minutes to complete. The first half of the video was repetitive and I felt like I’d already heard it before.  The second part of the video was really interesting and focused on integrating e-commerce, booking, and apps to benefit a business. I actually felt engaged and interested in the content and came away with some good stats that you might find really useful going forwards.

Lesson 3: Marketing your online presence

This lesson took 7 minutes to complete. It focused on how to be found online and optimising your website with digital additions. It was an awesome explainer video and probably the most interesting to date but it felt like an advertisement for Google AdWords as they say that it could all be achieved by using Google software.

It makes me wonder, could there possibly be an incentive to start advertising a little further down the track? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lesson 4: Adapt and Analyze

This was interesting, it focused on online analytics and what can be learned from them. Overall the lessons were still basic but they are slowly developing and getting more interesting. This will keep me interested to learn more.

The tests

The tests stepped up to another level in this lesson, they were engaging and had varied formats.  They both only took a couple of minutes and were easy to complete. The end of topic assessment was slightly longer but it was still simple and easy to complete but there was more Google advertising. In question one, all of the possible answers are Google products.


The highlight of this section is the skill outline. Each lesson tells you what skill you are developing. This is really helpful and outlines what you will have learned at the conclusion of the course.


Overall, this topic did take longer but that is to be expected there were double the amount of lessons. All of the different components of this task took around 40 minutes to complete.