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What if there is no availability for my desired tour?
The availability is constantly being updated, so please check back or call the Tour Operator direct who can help with availability.
What happens to my voucher if I am no show?
Your voucher will be forfeited, and the merchant will have lost a potential booking and voucher value.
Can I change or cancel my booking?
Yes, however you can only rebook with the same Tour Operator for the same tour as originally booked. Only the date and time can be amended.
If I get a $50 voucher, can I use it on experiences in the $100 or $200 voucher category?
Yes. While there is an excellent range of experiences available in the $50 voucher category, consumers are welcome to redeem their $50 voucher against tours and experiences of a higher value, and simply pay the difference. The same applies for $100 voucher holders who are permitted to apply their voucher to an experience of higher value, i.e. the ‘multi-day’ or $200 voucher category.
How will I know if I am successful in the ballot?
If you are successful in the ballot, you will be notified via text message and email on the date of the draw, being 24 April 2021.
If I get a $100 or $200 voucher, can I use it on experiences in a lower category? (e.g. $50 category?)
No. Vouchers can only be redeemed on experiences of an equal or higher value. That is:
  • $50 vouchers can be applied to all experiences listed in the program
  • $100 vouchers can be applied to experiences valued at $100 or more
  • $200 vouchers can be applied to ‘multi-day’ experiences only.
How many times can I enter the ballot?
The ballot is designed to accept only one entry per person.