Introducing: Naked Bookings

by admin, June 27, 2016

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Naked Bookings is a Virtual COO for local companies that unites premium industry insight with modern technology to assist with the smooth management of businesses within the service and restaurant industry, using a premium online booking and business management system.

Our Mission in life

Naked Bookings gives time back to owners to focus on what they do best. We aim to enable businesses to effortlessly and affordably manage their availability, bookings and customers and more, like a breeze.

Our system has been proven to increase revenue, service and bookings whilst reducing no shows and the time and effort normally put into performing all administration roles. Plus our system works 24/7 unlike any employee could (and would).

We won’t ever break your bank account (we are as cheap as chips), nor your brain trying to figure us out either!

A bit of history

Headquartered in Australia but globally focused, Naked Bookings allows merchants to quickly and easily take bookings and payments via their Website, Facebook and/or Marketplaces (eg, Google Search) in a seamlessly integrated consumer experience.

Co-founded by Richard and Nataliya Tenser in June 2014, our proprietary technology has been developed based on thousands of customer insights and in collaboration with one of the world’s leading e-commerce companies.

The result is a diverse platform system, broad enough to cater for the restaurant, tours, activities, classes, courses, appointments and events sectors, yet narrow and deep enough to solve any and all key requirements of all of these industries.

Naked Bookings will perfectly manage everything from taking and confirming reservations, running promotions, managing staff, resources, taking online payments, all the way through to customer insights and marketing platforms.

Take advantage of today’s technology for tomorrow’s bookings, and watch your business grow like the child it most probably feels like to you.


The NB Team x