How to boost your services online

by admin, March 23, 2017

I gotta say, it’s blooming hard work to get people to jump onto your website and book your service.

You’re probably (currently) getting a bunch of bookings coming in over the phone, then having to manually add it into your diary, taking up a good ten minutes on average to make a booking!

What a waste of your time.

Primarily, you need people to find you, yeah?

Second best would be to book your service online, am I right?

And thirdly would be to follow you on social media to make sure you keep in touch with them.

These three things are now your three biggest priorities.

How do you get people to do these things?

Get them to find you. 

Work with the bots! Your search engine optimisation is the key for people searching for you or topics your blog (you’ve got one right?) covers.

Next, the bots’ smart algorithms try to find the most current and most relevant content and so to boost rankings on your platforms, so aim to do the following updates and posts:

At least once posts per day: GOOGLE+ and LINKEDIN

At least twice posts per day: FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

At least three posts per day: TWITTER and PINTEREST

At least once per week: BLOG and WEBSITE

Don’t be crazy and do six or more posts per day on anything or you may risk screwing with the bots.

You can use automated systems like HootSuite to do it all for you.


How to get them to book you.

Can I please just use this opportunity to let you know how incredibly and utterly vital a booking system is to any service-providing business? Thank you… It’s vital. There you go.

Now you can also start a discount system whereby if a client refers you to a friend, they get 10% off their next treatment, or whatever you choose.

Also, having an attractive and good quality website is a must here. With the booking and contact info very readily findable. Your website represents you and your business, so make sure it looks and performs the part.

You should also display familiar logos on your website so people take you seriously. (Don’t use them if you haven’t been authenticated to do so). Ideas on what to pop onto your website are:

  • Payment gateways: PayPal and eWay
  • Credit cards you accept: Visa and Mastercard
  • Brands that you use for your service

*You also get to do a bit of marketing for your partner brands too!

Make sure to Google and Facebook reviews, and also any and all feedback to boost your credibility. Try an email campaign to conduct a small survey and get feedback from customers via SurveyMonkey and MailChimp.

Ask them to follow you on social media.

Traditional marketing methods such as newspaper or radio advertising are becoming less and less effective. You need to jump on the social bandwagon, today!

So, why is social media marketing better? Well, young grasshopper, it can:

  • Increase brand visibility
  • Add a layer of professionalism to the mix
  • Intensify customer engagement and keep-in-touch-able-ness (I think the word I was looking for is ‘communication’)
  • Generate new leads (basically: attract new people)
  • Boost sales if you promote to your ideal audience
  • Educate and empower clients via the sharing and writing of content
  • Entertain people, if you’ve done it well (don’t be a bore)
  • Add value to your life and brand (sorry, joke) by sharing content and commenting on other people’s relevant content

You don’t need to be on every social media platform on the planet, just choose three that your clients are mainly on and make them really really great.

To promote them, you really need to pop the buttons on your website and other platforms and use the promotion tool each platform generally has. It’s cheap, easy and a very, very effective way to increase your scope and reach both current and potential clients.


A final fun fact for yah:

Including more images and fewer words on social posts can increase attention and interaction by more than 50%.

Ok, one more:

Over ¾ customers would much rather watch a video about a new product or service than to read about it. The videos don’t need to be professionally done! Just informative and of reasonably good quality!


Have fun! Annie xoxo