How to increase your Facebook likes

by admin, September 19, 2016

I’m sure you have all heard of Facebook. It’s the most popular social media platform in the world, and so therefore it is an extremely valuable marketing tool.

Now, I’m presuming your business has already got a Facebook page. If it hasn’t – you’re mad. Get one. Pronto.

Now, increasing the amount of ‘likes’ you get; i.e. the number of people who ‘like’ your business, is a big aim for most. And so it should be! More likes increases your target audience and the number of ‘reaches’ you receive from your posts.

The more likes you have, the more reliable and suitable you seem to new people. It is almost like a good review, the more likes, then more people who like your service and so the better you must be.

Also, as you receive more and more likes, the more chance these people will see your ‘book now button’ and thus increase your exposure and bookings from your online booking system, as everyone likes a sleek, modern and easy online booking system. 😉

So how do I get more likes you ask? Sit back, relax and read on…

There’s no harm in asking.

Ask your close friends to like your page, and send out a Facebook invite to all of your Facebook friends to like your page too. You can even message them personally to ask for a quick like, which will more than likely get more people to check out your page in the process.

Also, if / when a customer tells you how much they like your service or restaurant, you should let them know in your response that you do have a Facebook page for your business, and it would mean so much to you if they could ‘like’ it! And even better, if they upload a photo of something to do with your business, they 99% of the time will ‘tag’ you in the post. This gets the word out to all of their hundreds of friends about how fabulous you are! Remember, friends always trust their friend’s recommendations.

Connections count.

Connect your Facebook to your other social media platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Also, if you have a website and a blog – a great way to up your likes is to use a ‘plugin’ and literally plug a mini version of Facebook page into the blog and your website, with an easy call to action button for people to like your Facebook page straight from there.

Likewise, use your email cunningly. Next time you do an automated email campaign; link your Facebook page into the signature and keep that signature for day-to-day emails too.

Facebook will help you.

Use Facebook’s promoted posts and ads, as normally your posts only reach around 20% of your fans – therefore if it is a big post containing vital information or advertising content, then use the ‘promote’ function for a small fee. Facebook ads always increase likes, as you can target your ideal audience and then, your sponsored page is literally plonked (gracefully) onto their newsfeed – begging for them to ‘like’ it.

Intermingle with other businesses.

Liking other companies pages and some of their own fans, as your own business page, will increase your exposure to other people who have more of a chance of liking your page. You can even approach businesses and ask for a ‘like for a like’ – many will actually jump at the opportunity. 

Don’t be boring.

Don’t let each post be solely a promotion of your business (even though it is very hard not to) – as this can be deemed as boring and then people may not like your page.

If you post awesome, inspirational, educational and entertaining posts – more and more people will want to like your page, and even share your posts with their friends – which increases your exposure to new likes ten folds. Posts that include pictures get 54% more engagement than those that are (boring) with text only, and always keep it short and sweet (around 100 words is best).

Similarly, including a ‘call to action’ in some of your posts, such as asking fans to like, comment or share; are proven to increase the amount of people who do this than if you don’t ask. Remember that age-old saying? ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’.

3pm on Wednesday is the most active time on Facebook.

Saying all of this is good on paper, (well you know what I mean) but essentially being active, say a few posts per day, will give you plenty more opportunities than not being on it at all and expecting likes to come flooding in, even with a promoted page. People aren’t very likely to ‘like’ your Facebook page if you don’t post regularly, nor will they engage with your content if they don’t see any posts!

Annie x