How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

by Steve Milner, July 6, 2018

As a salon owner or manager, client retention is something that should always be on your mind. The longer you keep a client, the more loyal they become and we all know that loyal customers spend more money. So when you make contact with a new client, it’s important to not let them walk away. This is where salon client retention tactics come into play. New clients can’t just be one-timers, you want them to return and also refer your salon to their friends. It is said that once a customer has come to you three times, they will most likely be a client for life!

We’ve laid out a simple and seamless approach that will keep those clients returning through your doors.

Remind Clients to Book Again
This should be done at the end of every appointment! That color will need to be touched up, those nails will need a fill, so get an appointment on the books. With an online booking system like nabooki, reminders will be sent to clients which alleviates all impeding booking issues.

Rescuing Lost Customers
If you had a client that came in and never returned, reach out to them! One easy way to do this is by offering some sort of promotion that targets them directly. Consider special events or holidays that are approaching. Go on, entice them so they want to book with your salon again.

Advertise Salon Packages and Memberships
Promote packages and memberships through Campaign Monitor to specific clients at specific times. Consider any events or holidays approaching: wedding season, high school formals, Valentine’s Day. By running these kinds of promotional campaigns, you will gradually lure these customers back for your salon services they might not have realized they needed.

Finding new clients can be financially draining so use nabooki to make rebooking more of a priority.

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