How to Make the Most of Online Bookings!

by Steve Milner, May 27, 2019

So now that you have an online booking tool and you’ve checked out our tips on getting your first online booking (if not check that out here.)

Where do you go next? It’s time to make the most of your online booking tool, and to do that here are the changes that you should make.



Add your existing data

We all know how important data is, it gives you the tools to see how healthy your business is and additional insight on how your customers behave. To take advantage of the data management tools you have access to with nabooki you also have to add all of your past and present customers and bookings into the software.

Doing this allows you to target customers with special offers and lets you ask vital questions during the booking process. Which you can then add the answers straight into your customer’s profile. That way when your customer comes in store for there booking you are steps ahead.

Adding your data allows you to easily produce accurate real-time reports that show you how your customers behave. Everything is securely saved in the cloud and fully updated in real time –  so you won’t lose any data.


Integration and promotional linking 

Nabooki offers lots of integrations with software and programs that will improve the ease of running your business. You will be able to better manage email campaigns, accounting and e-commerce all linked into your nabooki account.

You will be able to link your booking tool into many platforms. This will increase your exposure and allow potential customers to make bookings with live availability.  Over 45 % of people choosing another provider if they cant booking online. It’s really important that they have the capability to book online or you could risk using them to a competitor.

This means you should have your booking tool, not only linked into some of our promotional partners but also on your website, facebook and any other listings.



Make your new booking tool look like your own with all of nabooki’s customisation options. You are able to make many selections that will make your booking tool to enhance your brand.

With nabooki you are able to:

  • Select the colours for your booking tool
  • Add your preferred business logo or image
  • Select the labels for your buttons
  • Choose all of your preferred formatting settings

Nabooki lets you make it as easy as possible to get your customers to book, you know your customer best so use the customisation features to get more bookings.


Take payments

Setting up your payments for your booking tool is a big bonus for you. It gives you the flexibility to manage all aspects and to control the entire process.

You are able to take full or partial pre-payments from your customers at the time of booking. This is important as it allows you to significantly reduce no-shows. If your customers have already made a payment for a service they will let you know if they can’t make it or they will reschedule for a better time.

Overall, taking payments makes the entire book process run more smoothly and puts both you and your customer’s minds at ease.



These four ways to make the most of online bookings will get your booking tool active and will get you more bookings.

Check out our help centre if you need a hand and start implementing your business automation.