How to survive the Christmas madness

by admin, December 1, 2016


Well, as it is now the 1st of December, I figure / hope that now and only now is the time you will consider popping up the Christmas decorations and change the cd from Justin Bieber to Michael Bublé.

I guess I should give you some heart felt tips about the festive month that lies have ahead.

Yeah, this season actually sucks for you guys. Christmas is incredibly stressful for all you small business owners in the service / restaurant industry. Staff jet off on too many holidays and customers are just simply annoying. But hey, your revenue will probably increase 🙂

Don’t send out Christmas emails.

LOL. Do you actually read other business’s emails? Nope! The only time I read an email like that is if it says ‘Free’ with no small print or asterisks. So yeah, I guess you could use MailChimp to promote an awesome freebie or your gift vouchers (expect a spike in sales from these), but it’s a waste of your and everyone deleting those emails’ time if not. 

Shut down for a week.

Use your fabulous Naked Bookings (I hope) Online Diary and block out a week for yourself. I dare you. Use this time to have the holiday you deserve, eat lots of food and pamper yourself silly. Oh, and remember to drink enough water and eat as healthy as you can (blah blah blah) whilst being around all of the delicious beyond delicious festive food (yeah right).

Be open for longer hours.

This balances out the shutting-down-for-a-week idea, and allows you to compete with bigger businesses and their trading hours over the festive period. Eek but you will need to hire some Christmas casuals (try Seek, Gumtree and Social Media). Staff that aren’t going to let you down by going to Fiji for three weeks. Make sure to train ‘em up good and you might even have yourself some year round little helpers if you play your cards right in the interviewing room.

Tis the season to be giving.

Reward your staff with booze and / or bonuses for being awesome (especially the ones that don’t ditch you over this time). Even give your loyal customers little boxes of choccies (instead of discounted / free treatments or meals, as these add up to a lot more than the milky treats). Oh also, I ask you to consider giving some dosh to charity; you will feel like a true BOSS and help out more people than you realise over this holiday season.


Enjoy the festivities folks!

Annie x

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