In 2017 Facebook still reigns supreme for small business marketing in Australia

by Steve Milner, June 6, 2017

This is why your small business should be active on Facebook if you want to #grow your business

While we wait for the 2017 Sensis Social Media Report to come out, we take a look back at what their stats had to say about the current state of Facebook in Australia.

It’s clear to see that Facebook is the standout but we’re sure you have heard that plenty of times before, but here are a few things to consider to help with your strategy.

Gary Vaynerchuk has built his fortune thanks to one simple philosophy, he “day trades attention”. Gary knows what he is talking about, click on his name to be taken to his Facebook page and you will see his vanity URL is simply “Gary”. He got onto Facebook early and an invested into the company because he knew it would be big. He knows a thing or two and he still rates Facebook advertising as a great return on investment.

Let’s consider your own social media habits. When you’re watching TV (that’s if you have the time that is) are you likely to sit there and when an ad break comes on, do you get up and do something else, or do you whip out your mobile?

It’s no wonder that mainstream advertising on TV is dying, we’re simply not paying attention to the TV like we used to!

So advertising on TV for you was never going to happen, it costs way too much so only the big end of town does this. But what happens when they start pulling their advertising spend from these traditional methods and start going all in on social media? It’s going to be a lot harder to get more eyes on your business so if you want to act, now is the time to do it otherwise you might miss the boat!

Now if you’re worried about investing money into advertising, you don’t have to, well not until you see for yourself how to actually generate real paying customers that is.

It’s true that your Facebook posts are not seen by all of your followers but it’s important to invest in the time to share great content that is going to be liked and shared, as this extends your reach to the friends of your followers, and we all know how word of mouth (or in the case social proof) is the best form of advertising. There is plenty of great existing content out there that you can utilise (make sure you credit the original author) or you might just document what it is that you do.

If you’re a restaurateur and plate up seafood, why not document your early start to purchase the freshest seafood from your local wharf. If you provide dance classes, what preparation work do you before you conduct a class, how do you choose your music, do you take into consideration your current students? The opportunities are endless and by you simply documenting what you are already doing, you establish a closer connection with your potential customers and more importantly you build trust.

If you’re willing to spend some money to attract new customers, creating great content that is either boosted or creating a targeted advertising campaign in Facebook can yield some great results.

While we expect the % of small business paying to advertise to go up in the next report, the opportunity for you to get ahead of your competition remains. It is crazy how targeted you can get with advertising on Facebook, especially for local bricks and mortar businesses.

In our experience, we’ve found that the most effective uses of Facebook ads for small businesses are:

  • Increasing brand awareness & social exposure
  • Capturing and nurturing leads

If you’d like to act on that today, your keywords are above and Google is your friend.

Credit: Sensis for all images used in this blog post.


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