A recipe for success: how to increase your bookings

by admin, August 15, 2016

Of course Naked Bookings’ absolutely fabulous software is very close to our hearts here at Naked Bookings’ Main Office. I thoroughly believe we have one of the best (if not the best however I’m not sure I’m allowed to say that) booking systems on the market, and I (very much so) am not being biased.

Customers can instantly book their appointments with our service providers and make their reservations with our restaurants online, with our software always being up to scratch and updated every few weeks. We have done as much as we can in providing the backbone and the software, and now, to get your bookings flowing, I have devised an ingredients list to inspire you to whip up a recipe of success for your business!

Ingredients list for Home-made Success:

3 litres of Meta tags

Come out of hiding! By making yourself easier to find on the net, the more chance of increased bookings. You will need to use Google Index’s meta tags and meta data. Now I will be honest, when I first heard about meta tags and meta data I had a hot flush, but they really aren’t as scary as they sound; they are basically specific words that Google uses to determine keyword relevancy and page ranking for search results.

1kg of hand picked promotions

 Use mailing lists such as Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor to promote your business and the services you provide. Use social media links such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and marketing campaigns to both encourage new clients and preserve loyal ones. Hey, why not follow some clients on social media, and they will more than likely follow back! Being communicative is part of the new age of business marketing, as the more consistent you are the more successful your promotions will be. Also try adding your booking URL onto your business card, which you definitely should be using, as an invite to ‘like’ your Facey page is just not good enough in some (most) situations.

5 cups of organic URLs

Add the URL of your booking widget’s website page (you can also use one we have prepared earlier for you) onto your email signature for your client’s easy access. Add a way to Book Online into your social media pages platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. You can copy and paste your booking page’s URL into your ‘About’ section and your main website’s URL into the allocated field for it (it is there for a reason). Your Facebook page however brings me to my next point…

 1 dollop of booking button

Add your booking button (compliments of Naked Bookings) onto your Facebook page and Website – as you can miss out on many potential clients if there isn’t an option to book or check availability quickly and conveniently.

2 tbsps of automated notifications

Why risk having to wait around tapping your foot on the ground for your client to forget to show up? Remind them using our automated SMS and email notifications, and significantly cut down on no-shows. This function also enables you to engage with your clients regularly (so they can’t forget you) and therefore build and maintain an incredible customer database. 

Finally, a sprinkle of blogging dust

Give blogging a go! You will increase the chances of being found on Google and will increase your ‘ideal’ client base by basing the content on the type of audience you would like to have as clients.


Annie x