Is satisfactory customer service really enough?

by admin, September 20, 2016

Each customer is unique. You already know that. What pleases one customer, isn’t guaranteed to please the other – it might even do the entire opposite. You could have the best customer service system in the world, yet there’s always going to be a sour cherry that won’t appreciate your ongoing hard work.

Above and beyond vs satisfaction.

So what do you focus on? Going above and beyond for your customers? Or simply satisfying their expectations of your service?

True success, in fact, lies in the middle of the two.

You are of course correct in wanting to go above and beyond for all of your customers, but doing it every single time will do you more harm than good – through costs, changes to your business and time. Plus – in a way, that is what they, and all of their friends, will expect every time they visit, and sometimes you simply can’t provide a, for example, a free feature of a service every time and for everyone!

But, if you deliver a satisfactory yet still very pleasing service 90% of the time, and save the above and beyond for the times in which it is easy, cost effective and the right time to do so – this will present your business in an even finer light – as they will remember the above and beyond times much more than the satisfactory ones, upping your business’s repertoire higher than if you were going above and beyond each time!

Now I’m not saying that 90% of the time you do the bare minimum, and then 10% of the time you actually give good customer service. I’m saying that 90% of the time, you give absolutely awesome customer service – but nothing out of the ordinary. Then, when that moment arrives, and say your unfailing regular walks through that door – you might just give them a discount or a freebie because they look like they are having a bad day – or something along those lines. Catch my drift?

A point to remember: be human.

Being approachable – not like a robot, and spoiling your customers with actual conversation and thouroughly listening to what your customers are saying in regards to their feedback on your business’s service to them, will provide you with necessary amendments to make your system even better (there is always room for improvements).

And remember, manners always matter. The one word my first boss told me to remember, above any other – is the word ‘POLITE’. Being polite will get you and your business further than any fantastic discount or promotion will.


Annie x