Make the most of Valentine’s Day  

by admin, February 7, 2017

Not in the way you’re thinking!

I mean, Valentine’s Day is hurtling around the corner, so small businesses, like yourself, need to start thinking about your action plan regarding the big day.

V-Day will be very profitable for all of you service-related businesses, however with increased profit usually means increased workload.

So be prepared!

You are about to be flooded, and I repeat flooded, by individuals seeking something to do or give to their better half on V-Day, or even just as preparation for the big day. So expect an increase in bookings, walk-ins and last minute gift buyers!

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Expect lots of ladies and gentlemen booking in (or walking in!) for their final preparations before V-Day so they can look and feel their best. Offer discounts if they bring a friend, and even shout them a drink in return for a double pampering session.


Make sure you speak to all of the single pringles out there too; a ‘treat yo’self’ discounted package, for example, will go a long way in an email marketing campaign as it has been proven that customers who receive an email promotion spend almost 90% more than customers that just walk-in. So it’s worth it in my books.


Make sure you offer some promotional packages to ensure you grab your clients before your competition has any chance to. And as always, make sure you have online booking capability for these packages.

 Couple’s packages.

This goes without saying of course, but you really need to create a special package for your special couples coming in. And adding in little extras into the package, such as champagne and truffles, will really go a long way in their eyes and bellies.

Gift vouchers.

Many men (and women) are at a loss as to what to get their partner on Valentines Day, and so more often than not will go for the safe option and buy a gift card. Would you believe that almost half of the couples in the world will only get round to buying a gift the day before! Gift cards/vouchers also enable you to receive two customer’s details to maximize follow through after the service, and also to offer them an additional special to ensure they return.

Product sales.

The time of year when everyone needs a gift, yet everyone already has everything they need is the time for you to shine! Bundle up a bunch of your products into a gift box, smack on a bow and sell them off to those in search of the perfect gift. Expect lots of late buyers on the 13th. And if you are in the Restaurant sector of our clients, make sure you push some promotional meals, desserts, and bottles of bubbly!

Staff appreciation.

One important last message: don’t forget your staff! Send them off with a heart-shaped box of chocolates or a baby bubbly, as studies have proven that those that are happy, feel wanted and involved in their place of work are happier (duh) and much more likely to both remain in your business and also excel in customer service. Plus, well, it’s a nice thing to do too.


Annie x