Tomorrow’s marketplaces for today’s consumer

White label marketplace technology to turn your existing platform into a fully transactional marketplace.

Forward-thinking companies use nabooki to drive more traffic and retain customers!

Nabooki’s plug & play technology transforms browsing into bookings for a wide range of business platforms.

Powerful integrations and resources to give your company a competitive advantage.

From search through to payment, offer the convenience for consumers to do it all without ever having to leave your platform.

Protect your data from your competitors

Nabooki empowers you and your customers to securely store, access and export your data  so you can make informed business decisions with more insights than ever before!

Technically complex, yet amazingly simple.

Developed to cover the widest range of service verticals with the ability to provide deep functionality to meet the requirements of each business.













Quietly powering marketplaces 24 hours a day all around the world

Make it uniquely yours

From tailored booking journey’s to one-of-a-kind interfaces, integration with nabooki’s API allows for customisation like never before.

Access to a wealth of data

All of your data, customers and transactions are hosted in one beautiful dashboard to provide insights at a glance or take a deeper dive with exportable reports that can be uploaded into 3rd party data management systems with ease.

“The enterprise version of the nabooki solution provides fully fledged customer, staff and resource management for major national chains. Groupon Australia works with more than 8,000 merchants every year and the merchants that have adopted the nabooki tool have shared overwhelmingly positive reviews. We particularly appreciate the scalability of the nabooki solutions.”

Alistair Venn

CEO Menu Log, Ex CEO Groupon

Working with nabooki is a truly exciting and enjoyable experience, the genuine interest shown in our business, the unbelievable service levels and responsiveness to our needs, together with their innovative technology sets nabooki apart from the rest.

Our team has decades of experience in driving global leading level supplier partnerships and we constantly say internally that we have never had such impressive engagement from any partner as we do with nabooki.

Kristie Atkins

MD @ Village Roadshow

“The booking component is the best I have seen from any software in the industry, in my experience spanning 20 years. This includes not just the consumer experience but also the merchants. The combination of these & the flexibility to tailor it for the merchant and their vertical is unrivalled.”

James Bremner

Ex VP Sales & Marketing @ Booker