Loyalty & Reward Marketplaces

Build a loyalty program that rewards your customers or members with dining, wellness and activity offers.

Nabooki specialises in dining and wellness vendor-funded reward marketplaces to help customer loyalty programs stand out from the crowd. Whether your objective is to build brand awareness, acquire new customers, or improve customer retention and value, or even offer a new channel for reward points earn and burn, partnering with nabooki is the solution.

Members of our team have over 30 years of experience in loyalty and rewards and have launched and run some of the largest reward programs in Australia.

The Right Reward

Dining and Wellness (e.g. massage and nutrition) are great rewards as they capture the consumers ‘everyday spend’ and drives repeat and frequent usage of the loyalty and reward program, keeping your brand top of mind. Importantly, Dining and Wellness is a memorable and aspirational reward, supporting the loyalty effect.

People remember experiences not discounts.


A reward should provide more data to better understand your customer, and the ROI of the loyalty program. We can provide real-time data on bookings, customers, merchants and transactions.

Importantly, we don’t need data from you! All we need is a token and possibly a customer ID.

Own the End-to-End Experience

By owning the end-to-end experience, from online booking to earning and redemption of rewards, not only can you better control the customer experience but you control the multiple branded touch points such as the branded marketplace, booking confirmation, emails and SMS reminders, and branded post reservation communications. Compare this to the touchpoints of a gift card!

Make sure your brand is there at key moments of the experience and ensure your brand is always top of mind.

Client Example


Optus is Australia’s second largest telco and operates one of Australia’s largest corporate loyalty programs, Optus Perks.

Customers can search restaurants nearby, make a booking, and claim their offer from within the Optus Perks platform.

Nabooki provided the complete front-end interface for the marketplace in addition to the online booking functionality with added member validation along with vendor recruitment and onboarding services.

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