Massive pointers for all of you entrepreneurs out there

by admin, October 4, 2016

Entrepreneurs, like yourself, don’t have set work hours like your staff – you are constantly on call and relentlessly working. And because you have become so successful working this way, it’s hard – no scratch that – it is impossible to stop. And you shouldn’t! You just need to get your work-life balance up to scratch (, and then take on board the following lifestyle tips:

Beauty sleep

The classic advice is to ‘get your eight hours’, but in reality it’s more like 6-9 hours that you need to properly function. Just don’t get any less than 6 hours sleep, or the whole day will suffer for the sake of an hour extra shut-eye.


Treat yo’self

Just take a bit of time each day to relax and unwind. Even if you feel you ‘aren’t that stressed’, your body can still be (I learned this the hard way). People just don’t seem to realise the effects stress can have on your wellbeing (I was one of them). Literally half an hour of reading each night (material other than work-related) decreased my stress levels no end. Give it a try, because let’s face it – entrepreneurs are one the most stressed people out there.


Walk it out

I know you don’t work 9-5 – you work more like 6-10, but there are sneaky ways you can fit in your recommended half an hour of exercise per day! You could go for a walk when you are having a long meeting, be it on the phone or in the presence of a human being. This actually has been proven to boost your mental ability to be, well, smarter during said meeting. You can also have a ‘catch up of the day’ stroll with your better half at the end of the day whilst dinner is cooking! Or instead of waking up in the morning and sitting at the table, half asleep, asking yourself why you do this to yourself – simply get up, get coffee, get changed, and go for a walk. You will wake up way quicker than just sitting at the kitchen table looking aimlessly at emails you aren’t in the right frame of mind to answer just yet.


Actually go to the doctors

The amount of times Entrepreneurs try to ‘power through’ an illness, and not visit the doctor is astronomical. They fear that the doctor will tell them they really are unwell (they don’t want to hear this) and to take a week off (the horror), but in reality two times out of three there will be some medicine thrown in the mix to make your ‘powering through’ actually be slightly more bearable and shorter lived.


Eat more plants

Nope, no need to go vegan to become a better businessman/woman. Just remember the three words ‘eat more plants’ and you will subconsciously make better food choices. Plants are fruit, vegetables and legumes, but include more plant-based foods such as nuts and wholegrain too. No, cocoa isn’t actually classed as a plant when it’s in chocolate, and neither is potato vodka.


Healthy mind = Healthy me

Your brain controls everything you do, why should you not nurture it as much as your body? The main drill is basically to think the glass of water is half full, not half empty – and to be thankful that said glass of water is there for you to refill. 


It is so easy to read these and think ‘yeah I’m gonna do all of these’ and then do so only for the next day or two. It is the CONSCIOUS and CONSISTENT effort of making your mind and body healthier each day. Remember: your body is your temple, your mind is your will – treat them with the utmost respect.


Annie x