Naked Bookings proudly presents…

by admin, April 3, 2017

Breathtaking New Features!

We just keep getting better and better!

The following new features that have been automatically added to your system, compliments of the Team.


PayPal has arrived…

PayPal is now available for your customers to pay via. PayPal can also be used as your primary Payment Gateway provider.

Single service widgets are now available!

Don’t confuse your customers with too many options. Just show them the service they want. Individual booking widgets or BOOK NOW buttons can now be placed on your web page for every single service you offer.

Sell your products alongside your services online

Integrate your services with Neto, an e-commerce platform, and sell your services and products in your own web store.

Watch out for no-shows

Keep track of who shows and who doesn’t by marking a customer as a no-show in the diary, which will show in their booking history in the CRM.

Clever SMS reminders

SMS reminders now include a link to the booking and business details, so your customers know where to find you and which staff member they can book, etc.  

Order your services around

Arrange the order of your services, categories, options or sub-options in the booking widget by simply clicking, dragging and dropping.

Control your cancellations

Our ‘Restricted Cancellations’ option can prevent customers automatically receiving a refund if they cancel, by instead using the amount paid to book a service with you for a different date.

Clean up your customer database

You can now merge or even delete your customers in the CRM (only if you want to).

A Diary that’s even more simple to use

The Diary just got even more pain-free to use! Add a busy time, move a booking, fine-tune your hours and more, all now in just a few seconds.

Makeover time

Customise your booking widget by changing the colours of the buttons and fonts to suit your theme.

An even groovier Book Now button

Guess what?! Ad blockers are no longer a concern, and the booking widget is now opened in the same window instead of, well, a different one.

Show off your service

You can now add a description and image of your service to show it off to it’s full and rightful potential!

Annie x