New employees – how to get ’em

by admin, September 5, 2016

So, you’re thinking of hiring a new employee? This is scary! As they are inevitably going to play a part in your business’s book, whether it be a scribble in the margin (not good), a paragraph or (hopefully) quite a lot of chapters.

Now, you may already have your reasoning behind needing a new set of hands, but if you are unsure of whether you need the extra help – ask yourself:

‘Would I pay X amount of dollars to not have to do X amount of things today’ – if your answer is ‘HECK YES’ then yah, you are in desperate need of some, at least casual, help. If you are unsure, consider the amount of increased profit you will receive having another one of you (more likely a part to full time person), in your business – and the majority of the time, it truly is worth it.

If you have hardly any social and/or family life, or me-time – then yes, you also need the help. Desperately. And you need to read our previous post on Work-life balance.

You must not forget that financially, their added help will mean they basically pay for themselves, due to the increased sales, additional clientele, boosted profits, more time on your hands, more transactions and an all-round amplified business. 


There are a multitude of platforms available to advertise your job opening, such as:

  • Your website: make a ‘Career’ tab for people to apply via
  • Your current employees’ word of mouth (if you have any)
  • Job websites: common ones are Gumtree and
  • Tafe: often have job boards to advertise on
  • Universities: can often organise emails of job opportunities to be sent out to Students studying in your field
  • Social media: such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Newspaper: in the local job ad section
  • Magazines: maybe even organise an interview with your business, that way you get valuable exposure at the same time
  • Any bulletin board you can pin your ad to – go crazy


Interviewing your potential new mini-me.

Now here’s the fun part, the interview! After you have chosen the select few, and checked their references, it’s time to invite them for a chat!

Keep them to a maximum of around ten potentials, and don’t poo poo any young’uns with not much experience, they may surprise you, and plus, you have to start somewhere!

Prepare some interview questions, such as the following:

  • Why should we hire you?

  • What would you have changed about your previous job?

  • How did you handle a difficult situation in the past?

  • If we hire you, what will you bring to the company?

  • How would your skills and past work experiences be useful here?

  • What were your responsibilities of your latest job?

  • Why did you leave your previous job?

  • What are your specific strengths and skills that will assist you in this position?

  • Why did you apply for a job here?


Remember to be pleasant! You want someone to want to work for you as much as they want a job!


When the interview has concluded, evaluate the following:

  • Did they greet you politely?

  • Did they shake your hand warmly, with good eye contact, on entry and exit?

  • Were they dressed appropriately?

  • Were they late? Or early? Or on time? If they were late, big no no. If they were early; there is a good chance they will either be on time or early if hired. If they were on time, then be wary as you might have a late-ey on your case, or just someone who is punctual.

  • Did they sit confidently or seem lazy and fidgety?

  • Did they speak professionally? (no uhhh’s, ‘ummmm’s and ‘like’s)


The finest qualities a potential employee could possess are not entirely their skill set. Good personality qualities such as honesty and motivation are much more important for an employee of your business.

Now, when you’ve found this ideal employee (congratulations!), you need to make sure they are, of course, right for the job, by giving them a trial period, before any papers are signed.

After that, you’re well on your way to success!

Best of luck!

Annie x