Old school principles for businesses (part 1)

by admin, February 20, 2017

Have you ever wondered why old school music is simply the best?

(See what I did there).

It’s because the only songs that are remembered today, are the best ones passed down from those times.

The same goes for business principles.

These tried and tested methods below are definitely the ones to listen to, as only the best have been remembered and passed down through the decades, a bit like Grandma’s pie recipes:

Manners maketh the man.

A classic line. Manners leave a lasting impression wherever you go, whatever business you own. Say your please’s and your thank you’s, listen well, don’t interrupt and always imagine your Grandma is stood behind you getting ready to slap you on the arm if you kook up.

Dress to impress.

Business culture has begun to grow more casual in the latest years. Dressing well has been proven to increase productivity and professionalism, in just your mood alone! Never mind your clients’.

Be punctual.

Whenever you say you will be somewhere at a certain time, you must aim to be reliable and be there at that time, give or take 10 minutes. In retro days, there weren’t any mobile phones capable to iMessage and say you are 20 minutes away, when in fact you are still on the loo at home. Punctuality was essential back then, and so it should be now. Emailing, tweeting or texting to say you are running late should only be done in dire emergencies, as being late gives the impression to others that you don’t value their time and you are unreliable.

Have real meetings.

Meetings used to be the backbone of all businesses. Nowadays, meetings have been bombarded with distractions such as mobile phones, and even having meetings over the mobile phone! My advice here is to make your face-to-face meetings a ‘phone free zone’ to make less time for doodle jump and more time for focusing on the real task at hand. If you absolutely have to have a non real face-to-face meeting, I don’t recommend an online one, as the majority of the time you will be talking about the poor quality signal and looking at yourself in the little screen, than focusing on the meeting itself, you’re better off to just talk over the phone.

Use your phone properly.

Pick up the phone politely and if you miss a call, ring them back as soon as you can within the next three hours. Communication is important, which is why you always see retro businessmen grasping onto with their massive mobile phones with the huge antenna. Good times, good times.

Honor your clients.

Show your clients utmost respect and appreciation. Let them know how much you value their business with gratitude notes/discounts. It might make the world of difference to you both, in more ways than one, such as increased happiness for them and an outstanding review for you. Win win, I’d say.

Enjoy your lunch.

No more eating your ham and cheese sandwich at work. I understand that it might enable you to get home earlier, or you are doing it because you are flat out busy, but a break for lunch will increase your productivity no end and might even help with your relationships with friends by making more time to see them. Plus the day will go a lot faster! 

Annie x