Old school principles for businesses (part 2)

by admin, February 23, 2017

Fashion always comes back around, and so do old school principles.

They never go out of style.


So, now on to Part 2 of my old school principles for small and large businesses alike:

Customer service is where it counts.

Everyone is always hyping on about customer service. But have the current generation really got the nitty gritty understanding of what it means? It means: the customer is always right. The customer is the one you are trying to win over; no one else. So focus all of your energy on keeping them happy. Now, this doesn’t mean that the customer is literally always correct, it means that you shouldn’t try to blame them or find excuses, but to try and find a solution to any issue in order to keep them happy. And, actually going out to see your customers face-to-face (like Nespresso) if any issues arise, is another massive pointer to always keep in mind.

Look after your employees.

And trust them! They will be far more likely to work harder and stay faithful to your business than if you don’t look after them and treat them with the respect they deserve.

Respect your elders.

Respect to everyone is important in the workplace, but respecting your elders is very much so appreciated. That doesn’t have to always mean those physically older than you, but definitely those with more skills and experience than you.

Try and learn something new every day.

Knowledge is key to countless opportunities. And because one person can’t know everything, aim to network out and build strong and lasting relationships with people who are just as knowledgeable as you, but in different areas of skill. Also, always remember that your knowledge and education can never, ever be taken away from you. 


And lastly, please remember this old school value-turned-modern quote:


‘Never spend more than you make, and always give some back’

– Annie Wood