One problem all businesses face when attracting customers

by admin, January 23, 2017


It begins with an ‘M’, and it’s not anything to do with James Bond or Judi Dench.


“Pffft, I can market just fine”.

This may be so, but are you marketing too much by the book? In that, you are marketing to the wrong type of people or for the wrong sort of business?

Classically, a plan might be:

  • Write your SMART goal
  • Get clear on who you are targeting in your marketing
  • Understand what they are after
  • Create the offer
  • Sell
  • Follow-up

Sounds hard work and downright boring, right?

These days no one wants to be sold to.

How many people buy what people are selling in those little booths in the middle of shopping malls? 99% of people find them annoying and try their best to avoid eye contact.

Instead, we shall discuss the other routes to take that will benefit you as a business owner because, for most small businesses, budgeting and costs of things like marketing is a major barrier.

The classic newspaper/radio/magazine/advert/bus/bench methods are too expensive for the little time they will be active for. You need to something that will make an impression and stay for good.

Get yourself onto your car.

That’s right you heard me.

A brown audi whizzed past me today. Not because it was an audi, but the reason I noticed it was because of the Vittoria coffee logo + writing stamped across it. And the brown was the exact brown of the Vittoria coffee packaging.

Why does it work? Everyone’s brain is literally begging for something interesting to look at / do is when you are driving, and so up pops you in your logo wrapped car!

Costs around $1,500 and wont run out after one magazine issue.

Word-of-mouth advertising.

I love this method because it is so real, i.e. not fake. Its old school and it works. Paid advertising can seem really suspicious, and because we as humans trust what other humans are running towards and not away from, we are thus drawn to what others like due to their experience. One satisfied customer is said to be the best marketing tool a company can invest in.

Learn the words ‘Free’, ‘Discounts’ and ‘Rewards’.

We all love the word ‘free’. Free sausage sizzle at Bunnings? I’m in. Even though it would only cost around 10c to buy one slice of bread and one sausage, it’s the principle of the fact that it’s free that I want it. Let your clients, especially if you are a new business, try you for free as a chance to build up your repertoire and prove to them you are exceptionally good at what you do!

Secondly, start rewarding customers that check in on social media/post photos/write a nice review on Google or Yelp or refer you to a friend with a discount. It’s been very much proven that discounts influence clients to buy more than they initially planned, as they don’t want to ‘miss an opportunity’, so use this to your advantage and try to always have something discounted.

 Know who you’re going after.

Find your quiet place and sit back, relax and imagine who your ideal client is.

For example, if you are a Spa she might be:

  • Female
  • 25-35 years old
  • Engaged / married / childless
  • Busy, hardworking woman
  • Needs a break / time for herself
  • Still budgeting but can splurge

Now, make sure the way you are selling your services entices this specific young lady. The more focused your plan is, the easier it will be to attract these ideal customers through your door. What makes your business unique? Focus on pushing that uniqueness to that ideal customer, in all of the advertising you will do and you will do wonders!


Make sure your website and social media is up to scratch with an online booking option.

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Email marketing can help you out big time too, just don’t be annoying with it. I don’t want to waste too much money or time on it since you can get someone like MailChimp to do it for you.

Nevertheless, please give some of these tricks a go and let me know how you get on!

Annie x