Personalities of leaders

by admin, November 28, 2016

I know I know, slow down it’s only Monday. I just had to write a post on this because I find personality traits so fascinating! How we all fit into little groups of likeminded traits! Plus it totally follows on from my last blog post, which you should probably check out too.

There are in fact around six different personality types for the owners and bosses of businesses. Please do indeed remember that the traits are only a small snapshot of what your personality is, and you are not an animal, you are a unique homo sapien. I am just trying to help you identify your type, so you can assess how you make your business decisions and whom you should consider seeking advice from.

The Chief

These are the top bitches of the workplace kingdom. They can often be described as not very empathetic, but that’s because their business is their life and so they are straightforward in what they need from their employees. They are dominant creatures, which really does inspire and motivate others, once you get past their headstrong nature. Their fiery energy makes them (slash their employees) try to accomplish tasks quickly, however need to always consider their worker bees performing said tasks, and their needs. Chiefs do a great job in leading a business solo but should seek advice from Soldiers in order to be considerate of others and the effect decisions will have on more than just themselves!



The Soldier

A Soldier’s employees love them as their leader, because they are truly a solid team player and themselves love a good relationship with their colleagues. They are hard working and very interpersonal, trying their utter best to avoid conflict at all costs. They are not, however, very good at brainstorming or making decisions on their own, more so the management aspect, and therefore should seek help from The Wild Ones. They also enjoy the curiosity of listening to other’s perspectives on decision making, often asking their employees and not just The Wild Ones, to consider lots of different perspectives of a decision process.


The Enthusiast

This lot are great leaders as they are very optimistic. They are very loyal and ambitious, and often work well in packs of outspoken yet easily trained employees. They are very good at selling products and marketing their company, however can be a tad manipulative. This personality is the best at training new employees due to their expressive and high energy. In making decisions, it is best to seek help from other Idealists, in order to be brought back down to earth and consider facts rather than dreams.


The Idealist

Idealists are very analytical in making their business decisions, and not really one to get their hands dirty (i.e. rather hire people to do that for them). Their skeptical yet logical nature means that before they make any decision they need answers to any question they ponder over. Unfortunately these little minxes aren’t driven by emotion but rather cold hard facts, and so can be considered a bit pessimistic on their outlook on life. They should seek help from Enthusiasts in order to bring the balance back to their decision making for their business.


The Wild Card.

Wild ones are quite crazy little leaders. They hate rules and regulations, and do not like doing the same thing day in day out. Their visionary nature makes them very innovative and quirky, however they can be quite hard to work with as they are pretty much set in our ways. Therefore they are best popped in a partnership with Idealists, please, in order to motivate them to consider other ideas and not just act on impulse in decision making. However, their creative and often improvised decision making skills are indeed a valued part of their personality, especially as they are great at recovering from mistakes and failure (which happens quite a bit when acting on sheer impulse!).

Annie x

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