Pet peeves and how a booking system can help

by admin, September 15, 2016

Lets face it, running a business is really quite difficult work! So I’m going to share a few ways in which an online booking system can relieve you of some of those annoyances that come with managing your own business, and how it can take over heaps of tasks to allow you to focus on the aspects technology can’t help you on.

“My phone is permanently ringing, and I frequently have to stop helping my current customer to deal with another”


Without an online booking system, the majority of your bookings would be taken over the phone. Isn’t this annoying? You always have to stop what you are doing, just for a quick book call? Why not let technology do all of this for you, 24/7 and with no hassle at all. Plus the unique feature of the booking system only lets people book sessions or tables that you give the nod of the head to be able to book online.

“I’m always worried one of my employees will make a mistake in the bookings when I’m not there”


With an online booking system, everything is updated in real-time, and you can see the system via as many devices as you want. Plus, before you leave, you can switch the company’s computer to the staff’s profile, and then they can’t see the manager side of the system (and pay rates etc!). Plus you are fully in control over the days and times that online bookings can occur for, so there won’t be any surprise bookings! Just bookings you want to get! Our online booking system has complete mobile optimisation, so you can check all availabilities and bookings anywhere and at any time, and make changes where necessary! Plus imagine! Catching up with your friend over coffee, and they say ‘Oh I need to book in with you!’ and you booking them in right there and then! Awesome!

“What if there’s a glitch in the system and I lose everything?”


That ain’t going to happen! Everything, and I mean everything is stored in the most secure platform ever. The cloud. Duh duh duuuuh. Automatic back ups, no chance of data loss and access from anywhere and at anytime. Fabulous isn’t it?

“What if I get confused and need help”


As with any technology, sometimes you might need some help. Good thing we offer all kinds of online and over the phone support!

“Cancelling and changing bookings is so annoying”


Customers will always want to change their bookings at the last-minute. They might even cancel because, hey, life sometimes gets in the way. But these modifications have a knock on effect on you too. You have to rearrange resources and staff to adhere to their wish. Well, with an online booking system, they can chop and change their bookings all they like – WITHIN A TIME FRAME SET BY YOU. Otherwise they are locked in and have to turn up, or at least pay a full or partial payment. Which brings me into my next point.

“Being paid before would really help my cash flow”


With Naked Bookings, you can accept full or partial payments, using eWAY (more platforms coming soon!). This ensures you get at least some money if someone doesn’t turn up, it reduces the chance of human error plus late paperwork and the customers are happy as they have a safe and secure way of paying. Then, the money goes straight into your account, thus swiftly increasing your cash flow no end.

“Customers sometimes forget to turn up, so I lose out big time”


Well this won’t happen either. We send a confirmation email and / or SMS message to your customers and staff, and then a reminder email and / or SMS message a day or two before your customer’s appointment.


“I never know how to market my business, especially during the quiet seasons”


Advertise your promotions and your business via our integration with Facebook and their Book Now button! Customers can also book straight from your business’s Facebook page, leading to twice as many potential bookings! We even give you a mini website complete with your booking widget, if you don’t have a website of your own to implement it onto already.


“I’m always worried about overbooking”


Online booking systems manage your staff and resources with utter elegance and ease. Sometimes it’s hard to manage every single staff and resource in your business, and double booking them is an embarrassment to say the least. The professional coding behind our modern technology means a scheduled or sick staff or resource will be automatically blocked for any other bookings during that time period, or during any time period you wish to block them out for. Sounds good huh?


We hope we have answered every single one of your worries, and if not don’t hesitate to drop us an email!

Annie x