Pondering over starting a business?

by admin, October 25, 2016


Thinking of jumping in at the deep end and starting your own business? Well you have our blessing – you only live once (YOLO) and should absolutely, positively follow your passion. So here are some ideas of startup businesses if you are stuck in a rut, businesses that just happen to mesh perfectly with our Booking System (hehe):


Freelance photography is a goldmine if you market yourself properly, if not, you may just become a small fish in a big pond. But never fear, there’s plenty of help out there in the form of courses or even by outsourcing. Invest in the best camera you can afford and just set your talent free.

 Pet groomer.

Experience and a pooch van (hey, no rent!) will get you well on your way to success. Making full use of our booking system will always keep you barking up the right tree!

Baby and pet sitter.

Babies, dogs, cats, fish, ferrets, parrots – they’re all the same in the eyes of proper care that needs to be given. Whatever you sit, booking systems go hand in hand with them. You won’t have to constantly answer phone calls all day asking when/if you are free on a certain day – you tell Naked Bookings when you are free, how much notice you need before a booking and then we do the rest of the work for you so you just have to focus on providing quality care.

Teacher or trainer.

Private tutoring, colleges, language classes, music classes, driving schools, art classes, cooking schools, dance classes, surf schools, computer courses *deep breath* the opportunities are endless when you are an expert in your field. And the satisfaction from teaching, well, that’s second to none.  

Fitness guru.

Gyms, yoga, pilates, fitness training, personal training, once again the opportunities are endless if you are keen about your and other people’s fitness. Grab a studio, promote your classes and / or one-on-one training, allow your clients to book via our system (you won’t be disappointed) and follow your dreams son (whilst staying fit at the same time, wahoo).

 Car servicing.

Hands down, all car-servicing businesses should have a booking system. And you know what? I have never come across one that does. I understand that assistance may be necessary before a booking, but those that just need a consultation, a servicing, a checkup, or know what they need will benefit greatly from our software. Plus let’s face it; going into freelance car servicing (when you have proper qualifications) is a fabulously fun way to earn your living.


Tours (yes heli tours), whale-watching tours, horse riding, scenic flights, sailing, skydiving, watersports and even cruises are businesses that do indeed take a little bit of preparation to start-up, but hey, you gotta start somewhere, and the view when you reach the top of your journey? Priceless.

Annie x