Proper attire for spas and salons

by admin, September 26, 2016

The way you look at work reflects significantly on your business. If there are cobwebs, hairs and dust everywhere, you would spruce it up a bit or the customer would definitely notice, and therefore of course, the same goes for your attire.

Both you and the décor are the first impressions your clients get as they enter your establishment, and a first impression takes but SEVEN SHORT SECONDS to form, then it is there for good. But one thing that I personally have noticed is that many professionals all look the same!

They dress the same, in boring clothes with the same colours. My opinion may differ to most, but I wonder where is the personality in that? An overall professional style image is full of elegance and expertise, but mixed with a splash of personality. That in my mind is utter perfection.

Salon-workers. You already (think you) know the drill! Black, black and more black.

It’s true, you can’t really go wrong with black, it looks professional (even mainstream) but what I don’t understand is why black? You don’t pet your cat when you are wearing black clothes for fear of cat hairs, so why would you go to work where you are around stray hairs all day?  So my suggestion would be, if you enjoy the simplicity of monochrome, which many hairdressers do, is to focus on the whites, beiges and grays. I would personally throw in a pop of colour, but that’s just me.

A quick note for our spa professionals.

A lot of the time you have a uniform to adhere to, and this is mainly a light, monochrome palate with comfortable clothes. Now comfortable does not have to be baggy and slobby! Think crisp white polo necks for men and soft linen trousers for women. Of course, you don’t just have to wear white! Pastel colours such as blues and greens evoke calmness, whereas a bright pop of red might suit more of a salon, to uphold the soothing nature of the spa.

For both spas and salons.

it is helpful to also consider whom your most popular and ideal clientele is (see the previous blog post on this), and dress accordingly. For example, spa at a prestigious golf club may need to be dressed slightly differently to one that tailors to an  equally as fun, but more boho type crowd.


How you dress is a direct link to your business, it can even be classed as a marketing tool, because if someone asks you what you do for work during your lunch break, don’t tell me you wouldn’t want to be looking your best for your business. Looking professional is also about respecting your clientele, it sucks because sometimes you might want to wear your jazzy yoga pants, but it might be inappropriate in your business. You trust your gut with this one.


Annie x