Pump up the Jams (to Pump Up Productivity)!

by Steve Milner, August 3, 2018

Remember the age-old adage that Silence is Golden? So many businesses subscribe to the idea that a noise-free environment allows for the most productive employees. No room for distractions. Well, when was the last time you walked into a salon and it was dead silent? Never, right? Working in silence is just not an option anymore and that’s because business owners figured out that music actually does the exact opposite: it motivates. In the reception area, a studio, or even in the chair, the background music will need to suit the environment your employees are working in.

Music is mood stimulating and studies show that it improves workplace productivity. According to Miami professor Teresa Lesuik’s “The effect of music listening on work performance”, she states that “When music listening in the work environment is encouraged by project directors and the workers are amenable to music listening, then certainly music listening has a positive effect.”

The positive effects of music in the workplace are never-ending. Employees stay focused longer, memory is improved while stress and anxiety are significantly reduced. They become more excited to show up to work which leads to a higher motivated workforce. Music at work really brings people together: shared experiences lead to friendships and further team building. CBS reported that 90% of all workers surveyed saw their work performance improve when listening to music during office hours.

All that said, it’s important to remember that different music affects people differently. You will need to figure out what works and what doesn’t work in order to maximize the productivity of your staff. Music inspires a lot of different opinions, making it a difficult subject to tackle. You’ll need to respect the preferences of others but that doesn’t mean that you can’t play around with different themes for days of the week or allow a DJ rotation setup.

Now which music streaming service to use when singing the song of your people? Google Play, Spotify, or Pandora come to mind. Millions of songs, easily made playlists as well as a reasonable price make them the front winners. There’s also no shame in simply playing your favorite local radio station. I mean, who doesn’t like winning Journey tickets from a radio contest? Going to see them with Linda from HR also counts as team building.

So live out that personal dream of being a club DJ. Do the boot-scootin boogie in your cubicle. Sing along to some 90s Brittany in the breakroom. It’s all in the name of Productivity.

Happy listening and remember, silence is the silent killer of workplace productivity.

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