Relationship advice for small businesses

by admin, January 19, 2017

Love them no matter their size.

Whatever the size of your business, love it unconditionally. It might be feeling perfect at the time, or perhaps feeling like it is a work in progress. Nevertheless, love your business unconditionally.

Dream together.

And never give up on that dream you and your clients have. Listen to what they have to say about the current position of your business, and take the feedback on board for both of your sakes.

Be honest with each other.

Your customers aren’t out to get you; they want you to succeed too.

Be passionate.

Passion will drive any business off the ground, and will save both of your bums during the hard times. 

Don’t try to outdo each other.

Don’t match or outdo prices offered by your competition! Try to be the best you can be by the experience you offer, not the cheapest rate you can do it by. 

Copying is a compliment.

Don’t get your knickers in a twist if your competition copies you! Think of it as flattery and just keep them guessing! Stay ahead of the curve and you will always be one step away from your so-called ‘competition’.

Don’t blame each other.

Acknowledge if you made the mistake, fix it and move on from it. Don’t dwell on any negatives.

Make a lasting impression.

With your outstanding customer service. If the best restaurant in the city had a moody cow for the owner, would you consider it as your favourite place to eat? Imagine each customer that bumbles through your door has written on his or her forehead (via a big black marker pen of course): ‘make me feel special please’.

Be yourself.

Humanize and personalize your service! Don’t be like everyone else! Stand out, stand proud and focus on what you do best.

Surprise them occasionally.

Small gestures such as a handwritten Thank You note or a free muffin with their coffee will totally make their day (and stay on their mind for future choice of where to go for their morning cuppa).

 Get help if you need it

If you need to outsource tasks or simply get someone else’s help on an issue, don’t be too self-assured and take one for the team. It will take a load off your shoulders and you may just learn a lot.

Spend as much time on them, as you can.

Stay focused on the plan, think big and work hard. Success won’t occur overnight, or even in 6 months. You will have to work very hard and spend some time planting seeds in order to reap the benefits later on in the season.

Learn from each other.

Improvements are made when you listen to feedback, even better if you actually seek out your customer’s opinions! Remember: you are trying to provide an outstanding service to them.

Keep the spark alive.

Anticipate their needs before they need them by anticipating the ever-changing market and being prepared for sudden change if and when it happens. But most importantly stick at it with each other.


And if and when times get tough, don’t give up on them.


Annie x