Online booking and table management software for restaurants.

Diary Main View

State-of-the-art reservations and table management system

Perfectly combines online and offline bookings


Reservations Diary

  • Manage all your online and offline bookings through the bespoke reservation diary with real time covers and table data, automated confirmation and reminder process.
  • Bookings get automatically allocated to the best table or table combination based on the table preferences and links settings created by you.
  • Drag and drop bookings or adjust their duration with instant availability update.
  • Quick search for any existing booking or customer.
  • Block out days, floors or tables with an easy click.
  • Reserve tables or add walk-in customers in seconds.
Floor Plan

Floor Plan View

  • During the diary setup adjust the size, shape and location of tables to exactly match your floorplan.
  • View and manage all bookings and availability directly on your floorplan.
  • Staff can easily identify which tables are available, which tables need to be linked and which tables to seat customers.
Online Booking Calendar
Online Booking Calendar
Online Booking Calendar
Online Booking Calendar
Online Booking Calendar
Online Booking Calendar

Online Booking Calendar

  • Convert visitors to your website or Facebook page into guests in your restaurant by activating your Booking Widget or Book Now button customised with your restaurant logo and style.
  • Real time availability is clearly identified and communicated to your customers, while your bookings get automatically added to your diary. Also set specific times, guest limits, booking cut-offs, or block-out periods specific for online bookings.
  • Reduce labour costs in answering the phone or replying to emails, while letting customers enjoy a simple confirmed booking and reminder process.
Customer and Booking Data

Customer and booking data

  • 24/7 access to your data in one place with easy ability to filter, search, print, download any bookings - either past or future.
  • Easily identify the source of each customer and their details.
  • No need to download any software - all your data is securely stored in the cloud.
Email Notifications SMS Notifications

Branded notifications

  • Get automatically notified by email and SMS when new bookings are made by your customers.
  • Save yourself time and effort by sending your customers automatic notifications when their booking is confirmed, changed or cancelled.
  • Reduce no shows by sending automatic booking reminders by email and SMS.


  • Set up short term or ongoing promotions, then make them available to customers through Groupon or OurDeal marketplaces.
  • Select specific dates & times, set up booking & guest limits, booking preferences and blocks for every offer you create.
  • Instantly verify the status of the customer voucher (e.g. valid, expired, redeemed).
  • No impact on your regular trade - offers are accessible through a separate promotional booking widget and are not visible on your booking calendar.

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Online Bookings
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Online Bookings and Diary
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