Salon and spa hacks 101

by admin, January 20, 2017

Availability 24/7.

Make sure your website’s online booking capability is open 24/7 for your clients that don’t get to sit down *literally* all day, and when they do its 2am, and nowhere is open for them to ring up and book their foils in for next Tuesday when the kids are at karate. Think about that.


For better Google SEO content and to basically to grab your customer’s attention when they are doing their late night Google-ing of their deepest worries about their hair/skin/toenails, and you’ll pop up with your blog!

Customer service.

Your customers are the sole reason of you being there today; to pamper them enough for them to pay you, so make sure you are doing a really good job! Make sure the interior of your business is inviting, pop some music on and offer them a drink or two.

Double ups.

There will be no risk of those fateful double bookings if you use a smart booking software, my friend. None at all.

Engaging content.

Share the good stuff via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. Basically, everything that those millennial kids are using today – you need to get on board with them too.


Almost 90% of people will look at reviews when making a booking, so make sure your customers (especially the loyal ones) leave a pleasant review on your website / Google page.

Google listing.

For reviews and a solid marketplace for your business, as honestly, not a lot of people are gonna find you if you just stand outside handing out flyers all day.

Happy staff.

Equals happy life! Share photos of your happy chappies doing happy things (steady…) on your website and social media platforms to make your business stand out and seem more fun than it might really be!


Try to not be a cheapskate and offer promotional incentives such as Groupon vouchers, discounts, membership programs, loyalty cards, first- time special visits and gift cards, to name a few and do all the work for you.

Just do it.

Jump into the online world, put down that paper diary and learn how you can manage your work around your life from one little screen. It’s that simple!

Known in the local community.

Do it old school! Distribute business cards and flyers; get listed in magazines and newspapers and even try to get famous on the radio. Every little helps!

Link up.

Pair up with another business whom you can scratch each other’s backs, such as a spa + a hair salon team or a floristry (or a nice alcohol shop) whom you can both hand out each others’ brochures and reap in each others’ free/discounted services. Win win.

Make friends.

A woman’s stylist is her therapist. Period. Plus with confidence and confidentiality comes trust, which means she will absolutely refer you to all of her friends.


SMS & email notifications and reminders will almost completely cut out no-shows; which may mean no more spontaneous cappuccino breaks, but it does mean more income, so that kind of balances each other out.

Online bookings.

A smart booking and business management software will handle all online and offline activity, plus having a booking button for your website and an interactive diary for your soul is good too.


Marketing your business well is one of the smartest things you could ever do in your life. Social media promotions such as Facebook are cheap, easy and do a very good job at getting your name out there.

Quick bookings.

No client wants to spend half an hour putting in every personal detail they hold dear to their heart into a booking form. With Naked Bookings (if you happen to choose us), it takes just minutes for your client to make a booking (and the booking calendar looks pretty slick for them too).


A very well established clothing company called Jack Wills relied solely on word of mouth viral advertising to build their customer base, and it really did work. I wouldn’t rely completely on it, but check out this article on how it worked for them:


Hands down the most important feature of the 21st century is the renowned Selfie. Use this golden tool wisely to promote your business by getting them to #hashtag you in on their pouting photos.

Themed nights.

Host sample events with free canapés (no one can resist free food) and complimentary scrubs (or whatever you offer) for a little quirk and of course, to get some more customers.


U can access ur diary and bookings (see what I did there) from anywhere, at any time and from any device with an online booking and business management software (such as ours).


With a solid booking system in place, the volume of online bookings can triple within weeks! Plus, with more listings on different platforms, more brochures flying around and more and more good reviews, your offline bookings will increase too! Yay!


Keep this baby updated with your current contact info, address, prices, hours that you’re open and a little online booking button.


Use a cool online accounting software such as Xero for your bookkeeping wants and needs, meaning you don’t have to pay someone $52,000 p.a. for something that you can do yourself. Just FYI, we are a free booking system, so no more receptionists if you use us!

Yelp listing.

Same as the Google listing; for reviews and a solid marketplace for your business. Plus I just couldn’t think of anything else that started with a ‘Y’.


My favourite animal. Why? Because 1) their name finishes off this post nicely, and 2) Because in the Ancient Roman times they pulled chariots and were called ‘horse-tigers’. Pretty neat hey?


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