Seasonal Activity Businesses: How to leverage Facebook advertising to drive more bookings

by Steve Milner, April 10, 2018


For most activity providers there are peak periods and often they coincide with seasonal holidays. For some small businesses, particularly in resort towns, the rest of the year can be slow, making it crucial to maximise those peak periods throughout the year.

So, say you run a boat hire business and know that a large sector of your customers are male and travel from Melbourne or Sydney, you could run highly target advertisements to ensure your advertising spend is not wasted on those with a different idea on what a nice holiday is and in turn, hopefully return a higher ROI for your business.

There are three main Facebook advertising options. If you have noticed some timely ads based on your current needs or behaviours, it is likely you have been targeted by some savvy marketing already!

Core Audience


Facebook allows you to target people based on four categories: demographics, locations, interests and behaviours. It allows you to specify who you would like to reach in the broadest sense. For the boat hire scenario, you could target males of a certain age (demographic), who live in Melbourne or Sydney (locations) and are holidaying (behaviour), and have shown interest in boats, fishing, the great outdoors or anything else related (interests).


Custom Audiences


Facebook also allows you to target your current customer database or even those who view your website. These are people who know your business and can be targeted with special deals or simply to keep your business top of mind during peak periods. So these could be people who have previously hired a boat or have viewed your website when researching activities for their next holiday.


Lookalike Audiences


This features allows you target new people who are similar to your custom audience. Facebook collects a lot of personal data (Cambridge Analytics anyone?) and by leveraging their insights feature, you are able to target those who could be interested in your service, all thanks to the amazing algorithms and customer data at your disposal.

To get the best possible ROI (in both money and time), a combination of targeted advertising methods is best.

Going back to the boat rental business once again, all of your customer data is automatically collected when your customers book online. If you are using premium booking software such as nabooki, in just a couple of clicks you can upload your customer data as a custom audience, Facebook can works its magic to create a lookalike audience and all you need to do is narrow down your audience by utilising the four advertising categories.

Just like that, you have an advertising campaign that will only be seen by the right people! A compelling advertisement is all that is needed to get those new bookings!