Seven simple steps to success

by admin, July 26, 2016



Try to engage in your work on an emotional level, such as the need for achievement, even if you are feigning this at the beginning, try to find something to aim for to drive your purpose into success. Also why not try spicing work up by having lunch with a new member of staff to increase your engagement with friends at work?



Steve Jobs simplified his life by wearing the same type of clothes every day. This minimalistic principle can be used to take the mind off having to make decisions on fruitless things in life, perhaps just by sticking to a few suits on rotation during the workweek.



Instead of sitting all day in that lovely office chair, try budging off of the seat with a walking meeting. If that’s not possible, even standing meetings are more beneficial to your body than sitting down all day. Researches have discovered that fitter people process and remember information better, are more productive, more confident, more energetic in the work place, and an all round healthier person in general. Doesn’t that sound nice?



Remember school? Have I lost you there? No, you’re back, OK so remember in school when you had to do homework for the next lesson, and usually, if you had remembered to do the homework, you found that lesson a lot easier to handle? Well that principle still applies to grown up life. Do your research for the next meeting, be it with the boss, an interviewer or even a new client – the confidence you will gain by simply knowing more about what is going on is phenomenal.



No, we aren’t talking about skills like being able to juggle or cook a four-course dégustation dinner for your friends. We are talking about those vital interpersonal skills, that are important for almost, if not all, jobs. You must already know them, but I will remind you of seven to be mindful to aim for:

•    Empathy
•    High tolerance threshold
•    Good communicator
•    Patience
•    Honesty
•    Understanding
•    Respectable listener



Aim to be mindful of your personal life and work attitude. Remember that the first thing you think when you see or hear drama or a situation you could be judgmental, is what society has forced you believe, and the second thing you think is what shapes you as a person. Life is too short to be caught up in petty disagreements at work and at home; so sleep deeper, eat healthier, relax more, socialise with a wider group of people and always take deep breaths and count to ten before you unleash the baby dragon within.


Just do it.

No one ever gets anywhere by just sitting and waiting to see what life throws at them, successful people get off their bottoms and do something about their dreams. They don’t work at anything they hate, as they know (or should know) time is as precious as money, and if you do something you love; you wont work a day in your life! They focus on their strengths and work on their weaknesses, they know what they want and they have a realistic plan to get there, and they empower their colleagues and friends in the process. That is true success in the journey as well as the outcome.

Annie x