Signs and symptoms that you’re a good ol’ boss

by admin, November 18, 2016


I can tell you straight up that if you insist your employees call you ‘The Boss’, then you are simply not worthy of that title. Unless they call it you by their own accord. Then that’s actually fabulous.

A ‘boss’, so to speak, stereotypically screams fear-stress-panic-horror-and-anxiety. What you, as a boss, should aim to be is a LEADER. Aim to be their mentor, a motivational speaker and the encouragement to get through that 3 o’clock slump time without having to eat four chocolate bars. Remember, above anything else, ♪you’re the inspiration♫.

I actually heard this fact the other day from a mate who simply despises his job; that only 60% of people say their boss treats them with respect, so, if my maths is correct, that’s still 40% of people who feel they are disrespected at work. That’s a lot of unhappy people for a whole third of their life.

You know what always screams a ‘good boss’ to me? When you walk into an establishment and you can’t actually tell which person is the boss. They aren’t wearing a prettier top than anyone else, because they are fair. They aren’t bossing people around because they feel their employees should be in charge of getting their own cr*p done, they aren’t micromanaging them. They don’t think they are above anyone or that they’re a know-it-all. They still clean the toilet sometimes and don’t bitch about it. They work alongside their employees, as their humble friend and colleague, setting the expectations high but attainable. If they need to put on the boss cap, they do so with grace and brilliance but still celebrate the end of the week with a few beers with the team. Wow. I actually have a tear in my eye. It’s probably just an eyelash. But this is some deep stuff.

Now, back to me. My boss is quite literally the bestest. I could go on for a few pages saying why, but I’ll tell you what sets him apart from the last five I’ve had before. He is generally interested in our team as actual human beings. Not just what we can bring to the table, but who we actually are and what our opinions are on not just work but other aspects in life. This, among so many other factors, makes us so committed to his business as we truly know and believe we play an integral part in it because we are appreciated each and every day.

Now. That is a sign of a good boss.

Annie-bell x

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