Spice up your business to stand out

by admin, March 13, 2017


Let’s face it; standing out from the crowd is hard work.

Unless you want to invest in some neon light signs around your place (and risk possible legal action) you might want to try a few suggestions below…

Aim to be different.

Everyone does the same types of business these days. I get it, all the main ones are taken, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer something unique because honestly, sometimes it’s simply a blessing that a new customer chooses to go with you. Make sure you grab them while they’re on the search by offering something no one else is offering. Be unique and get creative, or risk the world becoming a very boring place.


Get someone to dry clean for you.

Or do your washing properly. Random I know, but all too familiar, because no one wants old, crispy towels, tablecloths, hiking socks or whatever it is you specialize in! This can save you time, effort and even costs compared to an assistant spending an hour doing a ten minute, included, job.


Focus on your fans.

There are three things a human mind cannot ignore:

  1. Someone attractive

  2. Danger

  3. Food

So you have the choice of three! No! I’m kidding, hiring stereotypically attractive people is not a legal or ethical way of doing business, neither is putting your client in danger… so that leaves you with option 3); food! Giving out snacks and drinks is a nice way to imprint on a clients brain that they are welcome and are safe in your place. Just like animals only eat where they feel safe, humans can be the same, so keep them feeling welcome (and out of danger).


Aim to become famous.

Make sure your Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Pinterest’s aims are to get your business, well, famous. Make this your aim and you are bound to see a boost in customers. Get yourself in all of the radio, magazine, newspaper and message board listings your marketing budget will allow too!


Be generous.

Send out an EDM with a 10% off coupon, with very little fine print, and watch how much business trots your way. That simple tactic will bring in much more money than what you are potentially ‘losing’ by way of the 10%.


Get out of the rut.

Do you have the feeling you’ve gone so far down the track with your business, and now you can’t turn back and get creative again because you’ve invested so much time and effort into creating your image, just change it! There is no one saying you can’t or even shouldn’t do it, you should reinvent it if you feel you are stuck in a rut. Just FYI, 60% of customers will pay more for a better experience and almost 90% of customers have stopped doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience and began using a competitor, so if that rut includes some not-ideal employees, get rid of them too.